New School, New Life

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Hi! I'm Y/n Cheney. Yes! You guessed right. I am the sister of Rogue Cheney. Being the youngest and all. I know a lot of things.

And this is my story.

Your POV:
"Okay! new house everyone! Lets get started." My dad shouted and we got to work. My mom did the inside of the house along with dad. While me and Rogue did the outside.

I mixed the cement with the water and used the shovel to mix.

My bro started to add the cement in to some of the broken parts of the house. My bro shouted "SWITCH!" and that is our signal to switch positions.

We left the cement to dry and went inside the house.

I fixed my own room and putting up posters of (Fandoms ur obsessed with).

After that I showered and got ready for dinner with my mom's new friend in this street.

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