Moon Goddess

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I didn't edit at all. So if there are mistakes, I am sorry. I wanted to get this out for you all. Because I have been crapy with my updating. So here it is. Plus a pic of Peyton on the side!

I ran with no particular direction. I had no clue where I was heading, my feet took lead. What I truly wanted to do was crawl under the numerous rocks I passed. The scenery like in a car passed by too quickly for me to notice where I was. After running for about an hour, I rested my body against a large oak tree.

Can I forgive? Can I really just say that I'm ok with the treatment I had to endure? Or do I show that I am compassionate and forgive the wretched things they did to me? The questions kept bouncing around in my head until I couldn't take it anymore and fell asleep to the dimming sun.

I wake expecting to have only sleep for an hour, but find that the sun has risen. I pick myself up from the ground, but realize that the ground I touch isn't dead dry leaves instead its soft meadow grass. I look around and see that there isn't a tree in sight instead there is a field of wild flowers. Where am I? I start to explore but no matter how far I walk it looks as if I'm in the same place.

"Hello is anyone here?" I ask but like a cave my sound just echoes back at me. What am I going to do? I'm stuck in this field of flowers with no one around. What has my life become.

"Juliana" I hear my name whispered as if it's being carried by the breeze. I start to follow the sound and come across a women with all these wolf puppies around her.

"Welcome my dear Juliana." She says continuing to play with the baby pups.

"How do you know my name?" I wonder who this lady is. She is beautiful, actually that doesn't even do her justice. Her blonde hair, almost white, flowed with the wind. While her eyes held a warmth and were an almost golden color. Even though I didn't know who she was she made me feel safe in her presence.

"I know all my children's names." She said with a smile on her face.

"You're my mother?" I asked.

"Not entirely my child. I'm the Moon Goddess every wolf is my baby." She told me.

I bow down immediately in respect. She gets up from her throne and walks over to me lifting chin with her finger. "I do not require you to bow, please get up my child."

"We have much to discuss" she goes back to sit on her flower throne and gestures me to sit on the ground.

I give her a puzzling look and waited for her to continue. At the same time the pups come over to me, nuzzling me to play with them.

"Did you know that your pack is without a pack doctor?"

"No I did not." I wonder what this has to do with me.

"And did you know not everyone can be a pack doctor, it's chosen by birth." She adds on.

"Yes I knew that, but what does this have to do with me?" I ask timidly not wanting to disrespect her.

"Well my dear you are the pack doctor of your pack. And the only way to have the knowledge and strength to heal is if you are once again with your wolf." She informs me.

I jump of quickly, "I'm very sorry if this offends you, Moon Goddess, but I chose to hibernate my wolf for a reason and have no desire to go back." I look up staring directly into her eyes. And believe me I was scared out of my mind.

"I understand my dear." I look up beyond shocked. "But I warn you that other packs doctors cannot treat your packs in extreme cases, like your fathers. He can only be healed by your power." I can't even begin to process everything. My father's life is in my hands. "I will give you time my dear to decide but remember every day you wait the weaker your father becomes." And then like that she disappears.

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