OK. Yeah. So it's Sweden's Maid and I've started one of these crazy journal things~

I just thought, y'know, people might want to know what a maid feels like...

Or not. Damnit! Frick you! XD

Anyways, so I don't really know how to start this~

It's quite simple really, I guess.

So today was boring. As usual.

I cleaned. 

And then I cooked.

Oh, I made oatmeal. ^-^

It was very good.

But then that little bastard child, Sealand, wouldn't eat it.

>:D It ended with him and a spoon shoved down his throat.

I realized today that I am evil and that the world will one day be mine. XD

What? You think I'm joking? *Is serious.*

However, I did speak to America today through my boredom! 

Heeheehee, I was attempting to rip the secrets from his fle--->.> Why the hell am I telling you this? 

But yeah. 

I don't really know what to write...

So bye. .-. I guess.

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