March is Lucky - March 2017 First Place

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These are our winners (and an honorable mention) for our first contest. The theme for this month was Luck, and our winners all did a great job. If you enjoy these poems, please consider following the links to the author's works and giving them a nice comment and a vote. :D


First Place - Monday's Luck by MystresMyna

Dawned with a veil,

of cheery deceit,

Monday comes,

with hope replete.

I cannot help,

but scowl and scoff;

as the heal of my shoe

falls completely off.

Rain comes,

my umbrella's at home;

while in this weather,

I must roam.

The parking ticket,

has a good laugh.

This day is only

in the upper half.

Moving along,

With a darn and a drat,

the universe presents

a big black cat.

Lunch settles,

putting me to the test.

Spaghetti makes a home

upon my chest.

No need to whine,

no need to cry.

What was that?

Did I swallow a fly?

My boss says

I've caused a mess!

What's that falling...

The hem of my dress!

On my way home

as I ponder and pine,

I dream of relief...

a big glass of wine.

Only to find

the cupboard is bare!

Pulling me down

to the depths of despair!

As night finally calls,

and my pillow I seek;

I thank the good Lord

there is only one Monday a week!

Everyone has had one of those kind of days at some point, and all too frequently they happen at the start of your week. This very relatable poem appealed to all of our judges.

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