Chapter Thirty-Seven» The Khan's

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A lot is going down in this chapter. Just grab a tissue or two


Under the stars, I shall wait for you. Praying, somehow somewhere we'll meet. So, let it be that my witness is the heavens above, and the stars, for without you. There's no me.

Whispered a voice. Ringing loudly against my ears; making cold shivers run down my spine.


Utter silence rang against my ears, as I stared at the night sky, slowly drifting  away. Sealing the stars in the darkest  of closets, hiding the illuminating light. Trapping away their life, for their services remained wasted. No longer able to shine, no longer able to  grace its beauty.

The awakening of a new dusk, shined across the land, marking its presence. It's dominance reigning all over.

Glancing to my right, I could see Shahida hold the twins, settling them beside her. Their large blue, curious eyes stared at me. Not understanding what was happening. Completely unaware of this world and its dark tales.

Inhaling a slow hesitant breath, I slowly approached the two angels, seeing them smile lightly at me, glancing upwards.

Reaching forward, I cupped Ali's small face seeing, the distinctive scar on his forehead, making him look upwards. His eyes twinkling with happiness  as he reached towards my face. His smaller hands caressing it.

Warm tears welled in my eyes, seeing Abu-Bakr engulf me in a hug followed by Ali. Wrapping my arms around the boys, I could hear them sniffle making Shahida cover her face in her veil, hiding a chocked sob.

Ruffling the boys hair, they moved away slowly. Rubbing their eyes. I could feel my heart beating loudly; as I stared at them. Feeling my insides turn, knowing I wouldn't ever see them again. Reaching forward I placed a soft kiss on Abu-Bakr cheek before kissing Ali's cheek, seeing the two boys blush.

" Masha'Allah" I whispered seeing the boys lean in to their grandmother. Hiding their faces against her large shawl. The opening of the front door echoed across, the eerie quiet house. Turning my head to the side, my eyes glanced  at Haadi. Walking inside the house, his dark blue eyes landing on me, before nodding lightly.

It was time to go.

Utter dread filled me. Not comprehending what was happening. I was going home. I was finally going home. How long has it been, how many night did I wish upon the stars, waiting for this day. Waiting to go home. Yet, as the day finally came. Something within me screamed, afraid, of the journey ahead.

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