The Things We Bury

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Title: The Things We Bury (Book One)

Genre/Subgenre: Science Fiction/Paranormal

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Status: Complete

Written ByDavidJThirteen 

Tags Used: apocalypse conspiracy coverup cryptozoology dna horror lycan lycanthropy monster murder mystery research science secrets suspense thriller


This is a werewolf story with a twist - think government conspiracy and Area 51. And the government has hired all dangerous people with things to hide to, because they will keep their mouths shut.

Cover Copy

Cover Copy

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DavidJThirteen is just a phenomenal author, and I checked out this book because I was a fan of his other work. I wasn't disappointed. You become emotionally attached to his characters.

The Things We Bury definitely has an X-Files vibe though it has to be said, it is far less corny and cheesy.

It puts a unique spin on the classic werewolf story and approaches it from a scientific angle and is so convincing that you might actually believe that it is possible. There are so many twists and turns that you just push through it to the next in the series!   

Reviewer: Anon

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