Part 19*

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Shravan: Sumo!! I have to find her. I lost everything today, but I will not lose you. (whipping his tears)

Shravan took is car and drove off.

In the car: 

Shravan: What did I just do!! Sumo, please don't leave me like this. I know that it is my fault but please...........(crying)

Shravan drives to the Tiwari Killa, but finds it locked just as he had left it. After Preeti and Pushkar returned to the Malhotra Mansion, he and Sumo have left for PCT.

Shravan is devastated and worried to find it locked. Sumo had not returned home. He was more worried then ever but he had to find her.  He took the car and zoomed to PCT.


Shravan ran through the door and scanned the room for Sumo, but found nothing.

Preeta: Shravan! What happened?? Is everything alright?! (concerned)

Shravan: SUMO!! Where is Sumo?! (desperate)

Preeta: What do you mean where is Sumo? She left right after you did and hasn't returned ever since. 

Shravan ran back to his car and started driving.

Shravan: I have to find her!! PUSHKAR! Let me ask him!

On the phone with Pushkar.

Shravan: Pushkar pick up the phone, DAMN IT!! 

Pushkar: Hello, Bhaiya?

Shravan: Pushkar! Did Sumo come over there? Did she call you? Do you know where she is? Have you seen her? (angry, frustrated, scared, sad, and desperate all together)

Pushkar: Bhaiya! What do you mean where is Sumo! She went with you! Where would she go and why would you leave her alone!! (confused)

Shravan: Actually Pushkar Papa.........(stopping)

Pushkar: Bhaiya what is going on?! 

Shravan: (full of anger) Actually Pushkar, Mr. Ramnath Malhotra called me to his office and because of that I have to leave my Sumo alone.  Because of RAMNATH MALHOTRA I lost MY SUMO again! (crying)

Pushkar: Bhaiya what the hell are you saying??? Are you in your senses of what! How can you say that! (confused)

Shravan: Forget it Pushkar! Forget about Ramnath Malhotra! (disgusted) And if Sumo comes or contacts you let me know!.

Shravan hangs up the phone, leaving a very disturbed and confused Pushkar.  Shravan thinks about all of the possible places she can go.  Just then it strikes him that she must have gone back to her home.  That is where she went last time too. He drives in full speed to her house.

Shravan opens his car door and sprints out.  He runs to the house, and looks in every direction. He screams her name and searches for her but she is no where to be found.  

Shravan: SUMO!!!! PLEASE COME BACK!! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!! I WILL DIE WITHOUT YOU!!! (screaming an crying)

Shravan falls to the ground crying.

Malhotra Mansion: 

The family is sitting together in the living room. Pushkar has told Preeti about his phone call with Shravan and she is even disturbed. She tries to call Suman but she is not picking up. Kamini is jumping with joy as soon as she hears what Shravan said about Ramnath.  However, the rest of the family is worried.  Just then Ramnath enters this house, with a teary eyed Nirmala behind him. The whole family is shocked.  

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