2. the one where harsh words are said and someone leaves

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Thomas: movie night was fun!

Sir Prince-A-Lot: I must agree! Although I do feel as though we really should've gone with my choice of Mary Poppins.

Thomas: you really like that one, don't you?

Sir Prince-A-Lot: Of course I do! I'm not an idiot.

Logically Thinking: Preference has no correlation with intelligence.

Hi I'm Dad: yeah, just like how not all people who like cupboards are shelfish!

Logically Thinking: Could you please keep those comments to yourself?

Thomas: don't you mean... himSHELF!

Logically Thinking: This conversation is so bad I'd prefer we talk about the movie.

Sir Prince-A-Lot: Yes, let's!

anxious mess: what movie?

Logically Thinking: Ugh, it's you.

anxious mess: of course its me. whod you think it was, your fairy godmother?

Sir Prince-A-Lot: I wish! Fairy Godmother and I really do need to catch up.

anxious mess: that still doesnt answer my question. what movie? what movie night?

Thomas: the one we had last night, why?

anxious mess: oh.

Thomas: why didn't you come?

anxious mess: ...

Logically Thinking: Oh.

Hi I'm Dad: whoops.

Sir Prince-A-Lot: Don't look at me! I was busy providing a selection of movies to choose from!

Thomas: what?

Thomas: hello? is anyone on?

anxious mess: dont worry about it.

Thomas: what happened?

anxious mess: im guessing they were supposed to invite me.

Thomas: yeah, why??

Thomas: oh.

Logically Thinking: I'm sorry, Anxiety. I must've forgotten, though I do believe it was actually Morality who was supposed to ask you. Therefore, how can I be of blame here?

Hi I'm Dad: we agreed that you would ask! because I did it last time!

Sir Prince-A-Lot: Once again, I was occupied and had placed my full trust in Morality and Logic's ability to invite you, but it seems I have been sorely mistaken.

anxious mess: right.

Logically Thinking: Well, even if it was my fault, he never comes to these things anyway! He's Anxiety, for goodness sake.

anxious mess: thanks.

Thomas: ouch.

Sir Prince-A-Lot: Even I know better than to say that...

Logically Thinking: Oh come on! We were all thinking it.

Hi I'm Dad: don't say that!!

anxious mess: dont worry. i know you all hate me.

Thomas: no we dont!

Hi I'm Dad: yeah! we don't hate you!

Sir Prince-A-Lot: I only moderately dislike you.

anxious mess: okay princey. no need to make me blush here.

Thomas: Prince...

Sir Prince-A-Lot: Alright. Only because of Thomas shall I concede that Anxiety does have his... good points.

Logically Thinking: And I suppose that my earlier words may have been a little harsh.

anxious mess: "a little".

anxious mess has left the chat.

Logically Thinking: I don't understand why he's so upset! He usually takes what we say as jokes.

Thomas: maybe he was having a bad day...

Logically Thinking: Wouldn't you know if he was?

Thomas: only when he's really, really bad do I feel it.

Logically Thinking: So that means...

Sir Prince-A-Lot: That he may have multiple bad days that go unnoticed by all of us.

Hi I'm Dad: i'm certainly not one to use this kind of language but.... crud.

Thomas: ...agreed

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