Chapter 18

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This chapter does contain some distributing scene.

-Sowon POV-

I look around as I remember the nurses office. I touch my head to no longer feel a fever. I look around as I remember seeing Jin, only to disappoint myself because why would he be here?

I made my way home, I sat down on the sofa just dozing off into space. I heard the doorbell but ignored it. It ringed for the second time as I got up to check. I open the door as I saw Eunji smiling at me. She hugged me as she begged for me to go shopping for her dress just so I won't be home alone.

She reminded me of her reception and made sure I remember to go. I told her I'll make sure to go. We got to the mall as she went into the dressing room. I walk out for some fresh air. I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"Hi Sowon...." It was him whom I wanted to see so bad. I was so memorized by his smile that I forgot I was obviously staring at him. "Sowon?" He wave his hands towards my face.

"Hi Jin." I tried to look away so it won't be obvious I miss him.

"I heard you were sick? Are you feeling any better?" I just nodded my head before walking away. "Wait!" He grab my wrist to stop me from leaving.

"I'm okay Jin. I promise. Please just don't do this. I don't want to talk about anything." I stare at him as he nodded.

"It's good that you're okay." He smile weakly at me. He let go of me as he walk away. My heart aches just seeing him. I wanted to have a regular conversation with him again.



"We have to go home sorry. My mom is going all crazy on me. I have a date to go set up the place for tomorrow and my mom don't want me to miss it."

"What about your dress? I didn't get to see it."

"I didn't like it. I'll go dress shopping with my mom." She stare at me before walking closer to me. "Wait... are you okay? You don't look to good. Are you still sick?"

"Well let go before your mom get impatient." I change the subject just so I won't have to talk about Jin.

She drop me off home. She watches as I walk inside my house before leaving. I heard the doorbell ring.

"Eunji did you forget something?" I open the door but there was these guys standing at my door.

"Are you Mr. Kim's daughter?" He asked.

"There's a lot of Kim." I said back to them.

"They owe the company Kimso." The other said.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about." I closed the door but they were stronger than me. They force open the door as they walk around my house. I tried to make a run for it but they held onto me.

"So that is your dad I wonder what will happen if I touched his little girl." He slowly touch my face with his hands.

"What do you want!" I shouted. He came up to me as the other one lift up my hand. He grab a hold of my arm as he dug his nails into my skin. "Ahhhhh!"

"Guess that does hurt. Thought all rich people were heartless." He laugh as he push me to the floor. "Now you should tell your dad to give me half the company or you die."

"Why?!? My dad owes you nothing!" I shouted as he slap me.

"Nothing! Your dad put me in jail!" He pulled out his pocket knife as he put it slightly towards my skin. The smile on his face show me he's enjoying this.

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