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Finally I write it like seventeen years later like wtf.

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I was sitting casually on the couch, when all of a sudden I got a call. I looked at my phone, it's the po po. Shit what'd I do this time? I answered hesitantly," Hey yo what's up po po?!" "Is this Gerald?" "Ummmm yeah why?" "Do you know y/n y/n/n?" "Yeah she's my bestie!"

"Well she got into a fatal car crash, are you able to come to the hospital?" "Yeah I'll be there soon." I got up and hung up the phone." Baby can I come?" Devon looked at me," Um no sorry babe I have to go alone."

"Alright just give me a kiss before you go." She closed her eyes and made a kissing face. I made a grossed out face before I put my fist against her lips pretending like it was my lips before I quickly took my fist away.

Devon smiled and I practically ran out so fast and I jumped in my car. I drove to the hospital hen ran in." Hi um where's y/n, y/n y/n/n?" I asked the lady at the front desk." Upstairs to your left. The number is 2725."

I went upstairs which took a million years cause of the elevator. The elevator doors opened to reveal almost ten different doctors in the skinny and small hallway.

Just my luck, fuck my life. I quickly walked through it all then searched for the room. I found the door and opened it until a doctor pulled the door closed." Excuse me sir who are you?"

"Gerald Gillum bitch let me in my best friend is in there." He shook his head," She said no visitors." "Well too had cause I am one now let me through!" "I can't let you do that it snot visiting hours."

"Bro its 10 pm just let me the fuck in before I shoot up the hospital." "That's a threat! I'm calling the police!" I grabbed the doctor and pulled him close to me," Let me in before I break your neck."

A nurse opened the door and got startled as she saw us," Dr. Holbrook, sir you scared me. Come right in she would be glad to see you Gerald." Damn she fine as hell.

She looked like a sexy nurse with a Halloween costume on. Anyways that's not the point. I walked in and saw y/n in the hospital bed." She has been in a coma since the crash. She might be in it for months, maybe years..."

"My next tour is in two months I can't have her like this. I told her to come with me." Tears came to my eyes," I should've paid more attention to her. I shouldn't be with Devon I should be with her."

I fixed my hair as it was in my eyes. I held her hand in my slightly bigger ones as I kissed it." I....I love you y/n I'm so sorry." She looked so peaceful even though she was in a coma.

Well except the fact where she was pale as hell and her hair was still bloody from the accident. But she still looked beautiful and I love her. I've loved her this whole time and I never got to tell her. Now I have to wait months or maybe years. Fuck.

A/N part 3 or no? I promise I won't wait like four months to update

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