Marcus Story 3

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No you don't! (Proposal)
Maricela Valdez

No you don't! (Proposal)CastMaricela Valdez

Marcus Dobre

Marcus Dobre


Marcela's P

Marcela's P.O.V
Marcus is taking me to a restaurant in Venice Beach and I'm so excited because
I used to grow up there and my dad would have me do fashion shoots there. I know you're probably like what the actual? Let me explain. When I was about 3 years old my dad saw my natural beauty and my mom was a photographer and has her own business while my dad owns 3 huge companies so I was a little 'famous' 3 year old. I met Marcus in middle school and we hit it off as best friends. He would spend 95% of his time with me and the other 5 was with other friends and family. In junior year he asked me out and I said yes. He was able to graduate early and I did online schooling from there. Now we've spent 6 years together. So here's my dress⬇️ (minus the purse)

"Maricela babe you ready?" Marcus shouts

"Maricela babe you ready?" Marcus shouts. "Yeah one sec!" I finish applying my matte red lipstick and lord knows when a girl applies red lipstick it's clearly important. I walk downstairs with my red, black, and gold clutch in my hand and Marcus turns around when he hears me. His jaw drops and I blush more than I already am. "Marcus stop staring!" He chuckles and puts his head down. "I can't believe I'm dating a goddess." I smile. He walks me out to his/our car⬇️

We both have successful jobs although mine started to cause problems because I'm a model and sometimes it involves me in 'less' clothing

We both have successful jobs although mine started to cause problems because I'm a model and sometimes it involves me in 'less' clothing. Marcus doesn't like it so we've compromised and he's coming to those shoots to make sure no one tries anything. Anyways he puts the top down and my hair starts to flow kind of like in those fancy car commercials. "So what do you think about kids?" Woah! That was sudden. "Marcus I'm confused." He looks at me for a split second and then back on the road. "Like having kids. I know we've almost always have come close to trying sex but what do you think about actual kids if our own? It's kinda sudden I know but after Jacob-" he stopped at the right time. Jacob was my abusive ex who tried stuff with me and raped me for almost a year. I went to a doctor after that and they did health stuff yada yada yada and since then I've never really felt good about sex. Am I actually ready to give it up to Marcus willingly? I decide to go with my heart. The car stops in the middle of me thinking. Marcus starts to take his seat belt off but I stop him really quick. "Marcus I wouldn't think twice about not making love to you." I kiss his lips and pull away leaving him jaw dropped. I get out the car and turn to Marcus who is now locking the doors. "So where to pretty boy?" He takes my hand and smiles. He walks me to this restaurant (we're by the beach btw) called MO's. We get checked in and sit down at our candle lit table. I sit across from Marcus who is looking at his pants shifting uncontrollably. "Marcus, is there a problem that should be taken care of?" I say with a raised eyebrow knowing exactly what's going on. "Uh-uh n-no it's all good." His voice cracking a little. "Hello. My name is Hudson and I will be your waiter tonight. Let's start with drinks for the gorgeous lady." I smiled but from the corner of my eye I could see Marcus pretty much burning holes into Hudson's head. If looks could kill the staff here would be burying Hudson 6 feet under already. "I will take a Chardonnay. What about you babe?" Marcus smiles. "I'll take the same thing." The waiter wrote on a napkin and gave it to me. "Whenever you feel like it princess." He winked at me and walked off. I read the note and frowned. It said, "213-267-9932 call me if you want a 7 inch instead of nothing princess 👑❤️" I scooted the napkin to Marcus and he read it. He ripped the napkin to shreds and walked over to my side of the table. "Marcus wh-" he cuts me off with a kiss. I kiss back and then he pulls away. "Baby if you want a 7 inch then keep on dating me." I blush extremely hard I probably look like a tomato. Soon our waiter came back with our drinks. "A Chardonnay for these two. Oh princess, have you thought about it yet?" I nod and take a sip of my drink. I'm 22 by the way. "Yeah and I know that you may give me 7 but he can give me 10." I say motioning to Marcus who is now coughing up his drink. The waiter rolls his eyes and asks us what we would like to eat. "I will take the beef Wellington with a chicken Cesar." Marcus gets the same thing.
After we've eaten
Marcus looks at me weirdly. "What's up Marcus?" He looks at me straight in the eye. "I have a ring for you." I look at him and laugh. "No you don't!" He looks at me more seriously. "Yes I do!" I stop laughing and now I'm irritated. "No you don't." We go back and forth like that until I tell him to prove it. There's an awkward 5 seconds of silence until he gets on 1 knee in front of me. "Now do you believe me? I was going to do it in front if the sunset but I can't keep my freaking mouth shut so Maricela Alejandra(Spanish) Valdez, I am in love with you and I told myself when I saw you in 6th grade that I'm going to marry that girl. We've always loved each other through-" I pull him up and kiss him. He looks taken back but soon responds into it. He says this loud enough for everyone to hear. "Maricela, will you marry me?" I nod my head yes and say, "yes Marcus!" And everyone claps. We pay and then we get in the car. "You know I wasn't kidding when I said I could get a 10 inch from you? Trust me, I know!" He smirks. "No you don't!" We laugh and he drives us home. I love Marcus and I couldn't be happier!

So I'm back together on this and I've decided to chose life over death. I'm not here to please anyone else (don't take that into offense) I'm here because writing makes me happy. I can't wait to continue writing more often but I need you guys to understand that I will have some off days so yeah but I love you all. Also try to guess the next letter after this one.
So far we have MA

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