A word of warning

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What you're reading is my unfiltered rambling.

Most of it is coherent. Some of it may assume you know more about a subject than you do. If you find that's the case, remember that it's my fault, not yours. I'm the writer, which means it's my job to communicate effectively. If you don't understand pretentious diction or esoteric philosophy, it does not make you stupid. It means I suck at communicating it.

See? I just used the phrase 'Pretentious diction and esoteric philosophy'. That's not clever, it's snobbish. Which you should find funny, since I do manual labour at work and wipe butts at home. Bourgeoise I am not.

Anyway, I'm going to write each chapter by topic. Like 'Hipsters', or 'Why nuclear disarmament is stupid'. Choose a chapter you like. Don't feel obliged to chew your way through the whole thing.

However, if you chuckle or go 'huh' at any point in one of these chapters, vote.

Oh, and comment. Especially if you have a thought worth sharing.

Unlike most of what's written here on Wattpad, I'm hoping that you'll disagree with what I've written, and say so. Heck, if you point out an argument I shouldn't have overlooked, I will write it in and credit you.

So, if this hasn't put you off, enjoy.

Or get angry and tell me I'm an idiot. But be sure to say why. Otherwise, you're just being rude.

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