Shadows of Desire

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A shattered castle casts a shadow over the dim countryside,

the gleam of the moon fills their wretched souls with morbid delight.

Drowning mortal prey in crimson cyanide,

projecting ghostly silhouettes of dancing devils in the moonlight.

Stained glass ignites the desolate ruins in a dank haze of flashing thunder,

his body appears as a facade of pallid mortal flesh.

An ancient man shrouded in ebony vows to tear the heavens asunder,

the immortal vigilante prowls distant centuries for his dead lover to caress.

Mournfully pacing through the shadowy halls,

perhaps the odds of favor will at long last tilt.

A conquering pilgrimage that shall ensue until he consumes them all,

he desires a flower that blooms yet never wilts.

Denied of his dead lover's retribution,

thorns of hatred tangled his delusion.

Tragedies sparked a quest for absolution,

to subdue his accursed bride was his scornful solution.

Carried through the ages on winds of blazing passion,

seeking his lover of times long past.

An appetite of undying seduction pulsates in her fashion,

he longs for the embrace of dusk at last.

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