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Beauty perfected, a marbled snow queen,

lovestruck for Mina, all evil lusted for her.

Devils and angels and everything in between,

accursed by fate, disdained by light she spurned.

The pallid mistress strolls the cobbled streets allure,

robbed of innocence and victim of temptation.

Admired by shadows, by the wicked she was adored,

her time as a maiden froze in cessation.

The restless undead swoon in their graves,

begging for Mina to become their loyal slave.

To dance beneath the wintry gleams,

basking in shadows and vermillion streams.

Embroidered by forbidden fervor,

she collapses at the feet of the exiled Count.

Bleeding hearts and untamed agonies she sought to nurture,

no pleasures of death could the dimming dawn surmount.

Tempted by depravity and seduced by evil,

lovestruck for Mina, the epitome of all lust.

A savagery of romance that was pure medieval,

flickering pale lights, she reduced shadows to dust.

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