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March 13, 2017 (7 weeks)

Harry hadn't wanted to talk to me for more than a week now. Days at work got longer from the lack of conversation between us. I had relied heavily on Nadine to get me through the days since Harry was tight-lipped. I decided to give Harry space and time to cool off, I knew that when he was ready he would come to me. Well, at least that was my hope.

"So give me the low down, what is going on between you and Harry?" Nadine asks as we sit down at the cafe across the street. Nadine had been nagging at me to tell her what was going on between us and I had put it off.

"So I'm sure you already know because it's been circulating around the office but I'm pregnant." I begin to catch her up on everything if she hadn't known already.

"Jesus! That was true?! I thought that was just a stupid rumor around the office! I didn't think that was actually a thing!" Nadine smacked a hand over her forehead completely taken back by the confirmation of the pregnancy rumor.

"Nope, it's no rumor but, I'm not sure it's Harry's baby... I umm to make a long story short, I had sex with my husband to get him to agree to a divorce and that kinda backfired because I had sex with Harry too and I don't know who the dad is. Also, my husband doesn't want a divorce now because the baby might be his and Harry found out about him at the clinic a couple weeks ago and now everything is just a big mess!" Nadine is completely taken back as her jaw is slack. Her eyes are widened and she takes a few seconds to reply to my shortened story.

"Oh. My. God. Madeline this is like some TV drama show that they air on CBS on Thursday nights! I can't even comprehend all of this! You are married?!" Nadine asks me and I nod feeling like I should probably explain a little bit more about Zayn.

"I don't consider it a marriage, it was a drunken night in Vegas. We haven't talked to each other in forever and when I realized things were getting more serious with Harry I contacted him for a divorce." I told Nadine who took a bite into her sandwich.

"This tea is probably the best tea I have ever heard spilled!" Nadine tells me not fully believing everything I had just told her. She then goes on to ask me various other questions that pertain to the situation. I also go more in depth about how Harry found out about Zayn and how that all played out.

"Just give him some time, I'm sure he will come around and you can talk it out with him. If I know anything about Harry it's that he never wants to leave on bad terms. He wants to make sure everything is good, he doesn't like the negativity and tension." Nadine tells me and I really hope that's true. I had grown to be so close to Harry and to throw it all away now made me upset. I loved Harry, and I didn't want to let him go that easily.

I know I have made millions of mistakes and I had all kinds of secrets that I hid from him and everyone else but I didn't want to let that get in my way. I wanted to show him that I was going, to be honest, and face my problems. I was going to deal with them head on from now on.

"I just don't want to lose him over this. I wanted to get rid of Zayn before he even knew but Zayn has proven to be difficult." I shake my head and gather my things when Nadine sees that our lunch is up. We head back to the building and I can't help but miss Harry. We all usually had lunch together and with Harry's absence for more than a week was getting to me. All I wanted was to explain to him and clarify the situation but I knew he needed the space.


The day had been long and the sun was hanging low in the sky. I had put in extra hours since I was stuck on an unexpected phone call with Becky and Jeremiah. I guess they were wanting to call it quits again and had a few questions for me to answer. The call ran longer than I had ever anticipated but what was I going to do?

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