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For ten nights, Casey had filled Ishaana's thoughts as much as he had filled her

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For ten nights, Casey had filled Ishaana's thoughts as much as he had filled her. Each time her hand had slipped beneath the covers as she had worked herself into a frenzy that would send her to sleep, it had been his face etched into her mind when she had closed her eyes. His image, the memory of his rough grip, propelled her into her fantasy when she touched herself, imagining the way he had touched her. Her fingers were no substitute for his, her toys no substitute for him, but they would have to do until the fourteenth. Just three days away. Three more days until she was due to catch a train down to Birmingham for a night she longed for.

University had become something of an insignificance, something that happened between the nights that she spent with him and the nights that she spent thinking of him. Each piece of work was completed as it was handed out, working through her assignments before deadlines loomed and ruined her enjoyment. In the past, she had been a terror for leaving things until the last minute but now she got her essays out of the way before they could creep into her thoughts at night and tarnish the moments she cherished.

She was sitting on her bed with her laptop on her knees, earphones pounding Kate Bush into her ears as she tapped away at an essay that wasn't due in until she broke up, in two weeks, when there was a knock on the door. There were only two people it could be, both of whom were more than welcome in her room, so she pulled out her earphones.


The door opened and Melody stepped inside, her cheeks as bright and clear as ever, frame by the natural waves of her hair that just about reached her shoulders. She let the door fall shut and she leant against it, thumbs tucked into the pockets of her jeans.

"Have you got anything on today?" she asked. Ishaana pursed her lips.

"I have a lecture at two," she said, and she checked the time. It had only just gone twelve. "You?"

"I'm free as a bird. Until four, anyway," Melody said. "I was just wondering if you'd like to grab lunch on campus? No worries if you're busy, it was just a thought."

Ishaana hit save on her essay, which was already going well with plenty of time left to complete it, and she stood with a grin. "Sounds perfect." Glancing out of her window, she wound a scarf around her neck and pulled on her coat. "Anywhere in particular?"

"Starbucks ok?" she asked, lips pursed. "Or we could go to the bar, but it's always so dark in there and you know how shit my eyes are." With a laugh, she shook her head at herself. "I can hardly see my food, let alone read the menu."

Ishaana fondly rolled her eyes, unplugging her phone and dropping it into her pocket before she hooked her bag over her shoulder and grabbed her keys from her bedside table, switching off her light before she followed Melody outside. Bus pass in her hand, she steeled herself for the daily commute that did her head in, though it was far more tolerable with Melody by her side. The three of them often tried to link up their journeys to and from university, which was easy enough for Melody and Pearl when they shared a course and did many of the same modules, but not so simple for Ishaana.

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