Chapter Eleven - Pan

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Jo sighs and looks at the closed door wearily before finally nodding.

"Fine, but if he tries to attack me or starts hating me or whatever, you need to tell him that this was all your idea and I practically got forced into doing this." She warns and Dean puts his hands up in defeat.

"I solemnly swear it." He promises and links arms with her, wiggling his eyebrows slightly.

They waltz into the room which was completely empty. Dean guessed that Castiel was in the library but he instead decided to just be loud to make Castiel come out.

"HA-HA-HA-HA, OH JO!" He shouts and Jo rolls her eyes and joins in the laughter halfheartedly. Dean heard the door to the library peek open slightly. Dean put his arm around Jo's shoulders, and honestly, he really wasn't expecting what happened next.

He felt a hand on his arm and suddenly it was jerked off of Jo's shoulders and he was pushed so hard that he fell to the floor. He looked up to find Castiel growling at Jo, stepping towards her as if he was about to put his hands around the omegas throat and strangle her.

"Cas!" Dean shouted, stopping him in his tracks. "What the hell, dude?" Castiel turned to him in annoyance and glared at him with with a bitch face that could easily match Sammy's.

"What the hell?" Castiel asked, quoting Dean. "You were the one with his hands all over another omega." He snapped angrily.

"So?" Dean stood up quickly and brushing himself off, looking at Cas angrily. "Not like you would care anyway, right? You haven't even looked at me in two weeks."

Castiel's eyes widen and he blushes brightly before looking down at the ground, scuffing his shoe on the floor.

"Well?" Dean asks. "You can't deny that you have been ignoring me."

"I should probably go." Jo says, backing away slowly and Castiel looks up at her again, eyes fiery.

"Yeah you should." He snaps angrily and Jo whimpers before quickly turning on her heel and running away with her tail between her legs.

"You're like, seventeen, Cas. Jo is almost twenty." Dean warns and Cas looks back at him, eyes still burning with rage.

"Age doesn't matter. She knows i'm more powerful than her, she should have known to stay away from you."

"Well, how would she know. It's been two weeks, your scent isn't all over me anymore." Dean murmurs out the last bit and leans against the wall, stuffing his hands in his pockets. Cas blushes again and crosses his arms over his chest, hunching over slightly to seem smaller.

"She still knows we are married." Cas snaps out after a moment of silence.

"Yeah well..." Dean shrugs and looks away in a mood as Cas sighs. "Look, maybe we are both in the wrong, okay? You shouldn't have been ignoring me for all this time and i shouldn't be trying to make your jealous just to get your attention. I just can't take it anymore." Dean complains and Castiel looks up at him curiously.

"It's just that, i really don't want to leave you alone. Do you not get that?" Dean asks, looking at Cas but Castiel just stares down at the floor.

"No." He murmurs. "Should i?"

"Kinda, yeah." Dean sighs and frowns. "We are mated now and everything. But maybe it's not the same with original omegas."

"Maybe not." Castiel whispers. Dean goes to say something else but Castiel is already walking away, back into the library, shutting the large door behind him loudly. Dean stands there staring at it, his mouth open slightly in shock at Castiel's sudden exit. He sighs loudly when he gets over it and leans once more against the wall, rubbing his head. This was ridiculous.


Castiel needed to get away from there, but he knew he couldn't just get up and leave. He just wanted space, he just wanted to go back out into the wild but he also knew he couldn't turn into his wolf without hurting anyone. He didn't know how to control it.

Sometimes he heard it, as if he has some kind of schizophrenia but he knew that it was real. It wanted to get out, it wanted to take over but he couldn't let it. Every time he, someone would get hurt.

Instead, to get away Castiel went out into the garden, sitting underneath the trees. One of the elements that he loved the most was earth. It spoke so smoothly and was so happy and bright. The tree he sat under was so old and wise, it comforted him to know that things like this had happened before, or so the old oak told him. It told him that most arranged marriages started out like this, the two barely knew each other, how could they expect to be in love with each other after just one night, mated or not.

The bark shuffled beneath him and a vine from the tree extended down, brushing up against Castiels shoulder in an action of comfort, but Castiel told it off.

"You use up too much energy by moving around like that." He scolds the tall tree. "Preserve yourself for winter."

In answer to Castiels scolding, the tree straightens up back to normal and all goes quiet. Cas sighs and stands up, wiping his eyes tiredly. He hadn't done that in so long, he had forgotten how tiring it was.

Pan, that was Castiel's gods name. He hadn't prayed in so long though. He had forgotten the last time he had actually talked to him, but he didn't really know what to say anymore. He could still hear Pan's sweet music in his ears though, he would never forget that sound. Maybe it was time to pray again.

"Pan." Castiel said, sitting down on the grass once again. "It's me. I know I haven't spoken to you in a long time, but... well I don't know. That's the problem. I don't know what to say to you anymore. I'm not in nature anymore, I live inside a castle. I have... a husband."

Castiel sighs and rubs his eyes, this was so pointless. He got his powers off he god and he knew that if he did anything to upset the god, then his powers would definitely have been taken away by now.

All Castiel knew however was that he missed home. He missed the woodlands and the fields. He missed the animals and the trees and the conversations he was able to have with them. He missed his family and the way they used to tease him endlessly.

But the one thing he missed most of all was Adam. The Alpha he thought he was going to marry. The alpha he was in love with.

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