Chapter 4 - Meet the family

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I saw how big it was inside, it was like a maze. Living in a palace like this I would so get lost. I grimaced when I saw everyone’s head turned towards me, was this a family gathering or something. Kei pushed me forward I looked at the man who looked down with a gleeful smile and walked on.

“This is my daughter Saya Louise” Kei introduced a lady in her mid thirties fresh looking and she didn’t seem to like me I pointed out.

“Hello” she quipped

“Hello nice to meet you” I nodded and on to the next person was a tall guy with ink black hair and older

“This is Andre my son and of course my first born” Kei said proudly I looked at the man and I stepped back nervous, he was intimidating looking and I couldn’t grasp as to what to say.

“Hello” I said coyly embarrassed at my own tone I usually wasn’t like this.

“Why don’t you go meet the kids and come back during dinner which will be served in a bit” said the man in front of me and I blinked did he want me to leave?

“Erm, where will they be?” I asked

“In the garden, which is to your left once you go out” he said nodding as if I knew the directions to this place or something.

“Ok then” I replied and nodded my head in their direction and then walked towards my grandfather, who was busy arguing with the lady we met earlier.

“Ah Blair did you meet everyone” he said

“Yes, I’m going to meet the kids now so I shall see you in a bit” I said and walked out and sighed

This was nerve racking, I couldn’t handle this right now. My heart was pumping so loudly I thought they could hear me. What a way to meet these people I thought and it had to be me? Was this a joke? Why couldn’t they find someone else or was I like their only choice? I kept walking because I had no clue where I was heading to, who knew people could make a house like a maze. I kept walking into dead ends or other doors which led me to nowhere. So I groaned and stood outside near the area with the pond and rested looking up at the sky.

“TEI!” I heard someone shout “Stop hitting your brother!” I jolted at the voice I knew who it was and I looked to see where it was coming from.

I found the voice flowing through behind the brick wall; I opened the gates and walked in. I was near a mixture of flowers that bloomed beautifully in the garden, and I could tell this was a secret sanctuary. I stood and watched Hunter play with the kids in front of him, a few were small and there was one who looked older I was curious but I didn’t speak.

“Tei I told you to stop hitting Kyle!” Hunter pulled the young boy away from the other boy, and I noticed out of all the kids the girl in the far corner was the only blonde haired girl which surprised me.

I was just staring at Hunter play with what looked like his cousins, I was amused and flattered to know he liked kids. And he seemed pleasantly happy to be with them which softened my smile, because I knew deep down I thought he would be bad for me and everything. But it still didn’t help me understand about why I was getting married to him so quick and why unless they were hiding something from me.

“So you came to spy on me I’m flattered” I heard as a face loomed before me so close, I jumped and blushed when I saw amused coal black eyes staring back at me.

“NO!” I yelled too quickly, I saw his amused expression and I felt hotter “I meant I was supposed to be here to meet the kids” I replied

“Really that kind of saddens me” he smirked at me “Either way come meet them they're a pesky bunch” he said as he moved towards the group that was forming as I approached.

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