The Truth In All Angles

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Dun. Dun.

Racing smoothly through the corridors on his tiptoes, a Slytherin boy hid behind one of the ancient marbled walls as a group of students passed him.

As that group of giggling witches, all dressed in their Spring best, were in the right spot for him to move unnoticed, the boy continued to proceed with his tip-toeing as he zeroed in on his target turning on one of the halls.


Dun. Dun.

Hiding behind another wall as his target stopped for a moment to adjust their clothing, the Slytherin saw two of his thickheaded house-mates shove a little First Year Hufflepuff down a few steps. There was a look of fear and like he was about to wet his wizard-shorts on the young student's  face as Joseph Flint and Thomas Nott roared with laughter at his expense.

Shrugging as he quickly wondered why the brains of the operation, Damien McLaggen, was not among his loyal twats, the Slytherin waved it off and continued on as Professor Slughorn came waddling out one of the classrooms, stuffing something in his pocket with a suspicious glint in his eyes.


Dun. Dun.

Taking a giant huff of air, with his eyes wide open, the Slytherin took a dive toward the crook of a wall as the Potions Master was stopped by Peyton Weasley; the redheaded boy started pleading for an extra day to turn in his essay or else his mummy Pansy will tear him a new one.

Crawling a few centimeters to the edge, the Slytherin poked an eye threw the thick legs of Professor Slughorn to make sure his target was still visible to him. 

"Please, Professor, please," Peyton continued to beg, looking tempted to toss himself on his knees due to the professor's hesitation. "The term is almost over, and if I don't get at least an Exceeds Expectations in your subject Mum will send me to visit her family for the summer."

Rolling his eyes as his fellow Slytherin was putting their house to shame, and feeling slightly upset and insulted that Slughorn, as head of Slytherin House, was not willing to pardon a Slytherin, the boy huffed silently to himself as the two distractions kept on their feet.

"I'll polish the cauldrons for the rest of the semester, Professor! Come on!"

Shaking his head with a small exhale, Professor Slughorn looked at Ron Weasley's child blankly. "All right, m'boy, all right. There is one condition, however."

"Anything." Peyton grinned, looking victorious in his eyes. Begging may be underneath the morals his mum taught him, but Peyton couldn't deny that it worked wonders. Kind of like when his dad does it when he asks for seconds at dinner and gets his way.

"You have to get your Uncle Harry to come and visit me before the year ends. I've got a lot to discuss with that boy."

Before frustration could ruin his entire operation and he stood up to shout at Weasley and at the professor for being the ones to blame, the Slytherin snorted as Peyton agreed instantly before walking off and the professor continued on with his own path.

Jumping onto his feet, he managed to catch his target turn to the main entrance of Hogwarts, no doubt heading for the grounds.


Dun. Dun.

His assumption was correct, but the Slytherin was stopped behind a group of Ravenclaws as the target stopped once more by Dawn Thomas, daughter of Luna and Dean Thomas.

As he tried focusing on their lips, almost as if he'd get the juicy gossip of their conversation like that, the Slytherin was quickly distracted by the interaction as he spotted a well-known blonde Gryffindor walk hastily toward a girl that almost made her way into the Great Hall.

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