Chapter 11 | | Hey, I'm the new maid...

I looked on the clock on my phone. Damn. It is already 6 p.m. and I only have an hour until I have to babysit Gracie. I changed from my rather casual clothes into something more presentable. My choice fell on black leggings with a blue top. It's nothing special but I like to keep it casual if I do not have to attend anything where I'm obliged to dress up. I got my keys, my phone and my bag and went downstairs to grab some food before I leave. Unfortunately, I do not have a car yet because we cannot afford one but I already have my driver's license which is kind of useless. Nevertheless, I'm glad that I do not have to do it again because my teacher actually hated me and just made me take as many lessons as possible just to get the money. Well, it is not a big deal since I'm a big fan of long walks. As I came to the kitchen my phone buzzed and I unlocked the screen to see that it was from my mom.

Mom: I'm sorry, mi amor. I won't be home until late in the morning. Please tell me when you returned home so just that I know that you are ok. Have fun <3

I quickly texted her back and went out of the house. It was a bit chilly outside but I enjoyed it. the sun has almost completely set.

When I arrived at Noah's house I went up the stairs and nearly tripped over one of Gracie's barbies. I shook my head and my mouth formed to a smile by the thought of Gracie. I really love that little girl, I have always wanted a little sibling. I knocked on the door. It took about 5 minutes until I heard light footsteps drawing closer to the door. A beautiful girl around my age opened the door who greeted me with a patronizing look on her face. She had light brown hair, grey eyes and was only wearing underwear and a very large shirt which must be Noah's. The scent of male cologne forced its way through my nose. Yep, definitely Noah's.

Her scrutinizing gaze went up and down on me."Who are you ?", she asked me derogatorily. "Uhm...I'm Sofía, the babysitter.", I responded uncomfortably. Seems like my timing is more than perfect...

"Oh great. Can you bring me a glass of water?"

"Excuse me. I think you misunderstood me. I'm the babysitter, not the help.", I said, still completely bewildered by her question.

"Oh I just assumed, you know, because of your Hispanic looks.", she faked as smile.

My jaw dropped to the floor. She...what ?!

Before I could reply to her insulting comment, Noah came downstairs and looked at me dumbfounded.

"What are you doing here ?", I could feel the warmth in his voice. Note the sarcasm.

"I am here to babysit Gracie but my presence seems to be unnecessary because you two are here so I'm just gonna go.", I turned towards the door.

"No. Stay. We will leave soon. Gracie is playing in the living room. Do you want something to drink ?"

Before I could react, Noah's toy intervened our conversation.

"Oh honey, let her. I believe the kitchen is more than familiar to her and by the way...Where did you get those clothes ? The welfare ?", she said leaning against the heater.

"Where did you get your attitude ? Abercrombie and Bitch ?", she gave me an angry glare.

I was fuming. How'd she dare to talk to me like that ? That stupid piece of a white class bitch. I normally do not support stereotypes but I have a living exemplar right in front of me.

I decided not to dignify that bitch with my presence any longer. Not even Noah dared to do something.

Before I left the room, I turned to her."Oh and don't stand too close to the heater, darling. Plastic melts.", I faked a smile, causing her to roll her eyes.

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