Chapter Two

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Hey guys! Here's the next part of the story that I've been commissioned by the Schick Quattro YOUcampaign (QuattroYOU) to bring you! Please enjoy! #SchickAmbassador


The first week of Camp Ridge always flew by, every year. Once the campers arrived, there wasn't much time to sit around and relax. With all the activities and meals scheduled, you were busy from nine in the morning until nine at night. The only free time anyone had was at night and I'd been spending my nights staying up all night with my friends or sneaking off to meet Arden.

I grinned, remembering the other night he'd had me laughing so hard I'd almost peed my pants. One of my favorites— I didn't know camping was so intents. This guy probably said more puns than normal words.

"What are you smiling at?"

I jumped a little; not realizing anyone was near me. The group my team was in charge of this week was out taking turns on the rope course with Cameron and Ling while I was resting in the shade. I turned to see Talia, one of the girls in my group, staring at me with curious little doe eyes. She was one of the cutest little girls I'd ever seen with a heart-shaped face and chubby cheeks. But this was the first time I'd heard her speak, even after being around her for two days.

"So you can speak," I teased her.

Her cheeks went red. "Yes."

"You have a nice voice. How come you're not out on the rope course?" I asked, gesturing toward it with my foot, a small plume of dirt following its wake.

She pointed at the book on her lap. "I'd rather read."

"Ah," I said, drawing my knees up to my chest and turning to face her. "I like to read a lot too. But I think you would have fun on the rope course."

"I'm not really friends with anyone. It's too awkward."

"They're all really nice, I'm sure you'd make friends in no time."

Her eyes lowered and she began fidgeting with the book in her hands. "I'm not good at making friends. Besides, they're all older than me."

"I'm older than you too. But you're talking to me right now, aren't you? I'd say we are just about friends already," I responding, winking at her. "I know how you feel though. It's intimidating to create new friendships. I've grown up with the same people since I was in diapers. I can't imagine starting all over with new people."

"Aren't you doing that right now with me?"

I smirked at her. "Look at you. Using my own wisdom on me."

She giggled. "Sorry."

"Come on, let's go over to the rope course," I told her, pushing myself up from my chair.

Her smile fell, hesitation creeping across her features, but her eyes darted to it, lightening up in excitement.

"Come on," I urged again, holding out my hand. "I'll do it with you."

"Okay," she agreed happily.

Together we walked over to the rope course and I went over to Cameron and Ling, who stood at the beginning of it. "Hi guys, this is my new friend Talia."

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