point of view

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not exactly a tutorial but some very important stuff that you need to know

definition of  point of view: the narration's position in relation to the story

in other words, it's who's narrating the story. A common error that's seen in many books is that people don't know the different point of views. There are 4 main point of views.

first person: the main character of the story is the narrator

EXAMPLE: I cannot believe it!

ADVANTAGES: readers know exactly what the protagonist is feeling/doing. Readers know upfront about the character's lifestyle, way of thinking, and who they are.

DISADVANTAGES: readers only know about one character and not others.

second person: the author of the book is speaking to the audience

EXAMPLE: You cannot believe it!

ADVANTAGES: readers feel like they're part of the book. It's easier for them to visualize things.

DISADVANTAGES: the story revolves around the reader only and the readers don't know how to feel.

third person limited: the narrator tells the audience about the thoughts, feelings, and actions about one person

EXAMPLE: she cannot believe it!

ADVANTAGES: it keeps an anonymity to the story and it is more pleasurable for the reader. Allows for extensive development 

DISADVANTAGES: can cause detachment from the character and the reader

third person omniscient: the narrator tells the audience about the thoughts, feelings, and actions of multiple people

EXAMPLE: they cannot believe it!

ADVANTAGES: allows for readers to know different characters and their thoughts and actions

DISADVANTAGES: can be confusing if there are multiple characters and it might become monotonous if the characters don't have a unique voice

Some books have multiple point of views and it is very easy to go wrong. For example, some books have the POV of two different characters, each one in a different chapter or it's split into 2 sections of the same chapter.

EXAMPLE: A story about Jack and Jill falling in the well. One chapter is about Jill seeing Jack fall in the well. The next chapter is about Jack's experience falling in the well. 

EXAMPLE: chapter one: jill

i watched helplessly as my brother fell into the well, his screams following behind.

chapter two: jack

As I trip and fall into the well, I scream, fearing for my life

That is okay because readers don't have to keep in mind the multiple characters but only have to read about two characters. Please be careful if you have more than 1 point of view. Let your readers know whose POV they're reading. If readers switch from one POV to another without knowing, it will be very confusing for them and it will lower the chances of enjoying the book.


pretty short but  i hope it was helpful for you! if you have any requests, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

love, eden 

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