Fancy Smancy

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Thank you for your incredible support and patience. I am posting this before getting my cousin's input. So please feel free to point out anything that may be amiss, I worked on this sporadically for 3 weeks. This chapter comes in at 7047 words, I hope that makes up for lost time?

Warning: there's some sexy time in this chapter, like the last one..I will warn you before and then allow you to know when it ends for those who'd like to skip it. Does anyone skip it? Just curious.

V smiles wickedly and turns to run to her car

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V smiles wickedly and turns to run to her car. I am so looking forward to later. My mind begins to wonder but thankfully, the sound of the car's exhaust pulls me from my thoughts. I bound to my car and quickly jump into the drivers seat, turning over the ignition and reversing out of the spot.

As soon as I pull up next to V's RSX, my eyes find hers. I can't help but think how beautiful she is, she blows me a kiss and then her car moves forward. Such a tease, I cannot wait to get my lips on her.Also my hands, and my tongue. My pants are becoming awfully tight. I guide my car up until we're beside each other again.

Slowly,set by set we move forward until we're up next. I'm super stoked to be doing this, and not just because it's racing. It's because I'm racing with my girl. There's two kinds of girls; one that sits with you, or one that cheers you on. Both are great, but V, she's a kind of her own and it's my favorite kind. Movement in front of me snaps me out of my thoughts flashes, a man is waving me forward and I quickly comply. I laugh at myself, then get myself prepared. V's engine roars next to me just as the first light on the tree flashes, then the second, followed by the third. In milliseconds, it's green and I'm on the gas, the car shooting forward. I shift into second as soon as I hit the rev line. I quickly glance to my right but I don't see V's car. The gentlemanly thing to do is to let her win, but she'd know and she would never be happy with that. So I give it my all, making it my goal to do better than the last time.

I shift into the fifth and final gear, and press my foot down on the gas pedal not removing any pressure until I cross the finish line. Once the car zooms by the line indicating the end of the track I let off the pedal and apply the breaks, shifting down into gears until I approach the booth. I glance up into my rear view mirror and V is right behind me. I move around the bend and drive up towards our spot, parking the car next to Vance's car, V does the same.

We get out at the same time, and the whole group moves towards us,giving us words of encouragement. I move closer to V, "Could you see?" I ask teasing her. Her eyebrows furrow in confusion, "What?" she asks, her brows furrow.

"With all that dust I kicked up? Could you see? I smoked you!" I joke.

Her eyes instantly narrow at me, and she pushes my shoulder, "You jerk." her hands go to her hips, "I'll have you know, I was right next to you!"

"It's okay, we can't all be winners." I continue to poke at her.

"Keep it up, you'll be going to bed alone tonight." her eyes scan our surroundings, as if she forgot herself. Not that I care anymore.

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