Chapter Eight

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I wake up from my dream to see Prince, Logic, and Dad sitting by the bathtub I'm sleeping in. I was about to ask how they got in when I remember Prince can pick locks. I grab my rations and throw it at them.

"I was having a great dream, now leave so I can go back to sleep. I refuse to leave this room for two weeks and no one's allowed in," I say shoving my face into my pillow.

"This is important. Especially for you," Logic says. I sit up and look at them. "What happened," I demand. "He's back and he want to get Imaj to get to you," Prince explain. I get out of my bathtub and run to Imaj.

I check his room before going to the living room. Once I can't see him, I go to the kitchen. I see De trying to give him a cookie, which Imaj keeps refusing.

"Hey Imaj," I say, still in my outfit from yesterday, no make up. He smiles and hugs me. "I missed you," he says. I pick him up and see Prince looking at us. "I'm going to give you to Prince and you too are going to go into his room and lock the door. Neither of you can come out until I say it's safe, got it," I tell them, handing Imaj to Prince.

"What about you," Prince says. "I got this Princey. Now leave," I say. They nod and leave.

"Hey there, De," I growl, my fingers curling into fists. "Hey there grade A freakshow. I wonder what that child likes you," De smiles. I smile back before punching him in the stomach. "The dead aren't supposed to talk and baby once you want to hurt Imaj, you're a dead man walking(not a Heathers reference)," I say before pushing him down.

De starts to laugh. "You're can't beat me. You aren't strong enough," De laughs. "I know. So go ahead and kill me. I won't be missed, but I will never let Imaj become like me. Imaj isn't always happy. In fact, that's what I like about him. Everyone else in Thomas is either good like the other three, and some bad, like us. He's both," I smile.

I help De up and put a knife in his hand. "So go ahead and kill me," I shout. He becomes unsure and that's when I smirk. "You think you can't. You think you just make people want to die and tell them every step on how. You think you kill people, but you do. Just like a high student that kills one of their peers with words. Don't worry. Killing me doesn't count if no one's watching," I say.

I want to be out of the way. I can't be another problem if I'm dead. He stabs me in the stomach and I black out.

I wake up in something like a hospital bed I think. I look to my left to see Prince crying his eyes out and Imaj asleep with puffy red eyes.

I start to sit up, but then feel tons of pain. I gasp, but instead of laying back down, I try to stand up. "Anxiety, stop! You'll make your wound worse," Prince says, making me lay back down.

"I have a wound? Why," I ask. "You decide to try and fight Depression alone and he stabbed you," he explains. "That's so stupid! Why did I that," I ask. "I'm not sure," he says.

"Were you or Imaj in danger or he tried to hurt one of you," I ask. "He tried to hurt Imaj so you made us lock ourselves in my room," he tell me. "Then I did it because he wanted to hurt him," I explain and smile.

"Of course. You're so smart," Prince says. "Thank you," I say, before yawning. "I'm tired. I'm going back to sleep," I say, before doing just that.

I wake up and look around. "God damn it," I say. "Anxiety," Imaj cheers. "Hey kid," I say. "You hang out with dad when I was sleeping?" I ask. "Not very much, but I did play around the room and eat well. I didn't want to leave you," he smiles.

It kind of breaks my heart because I was going to leave him. I wanted to leave him and everyone else.

"It's okay," he says, hugging me. I then realize I'm crying. "I'm sorry," I repeat, hugging him back. "It's okay," he replies every time.

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