Confessions (Altair x Reader)

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"Come on Altair!" you pleaded with your (E/C) eyes which to Altair felt like they were staring into his soul. "(Y/N)! I am not going and that is final!" He argued back. You were trying to convince Altair to have a day off from his missions and you felt like swimming. Not a good idea, yet you didn't know of his fear of water. You were also using this to get close to him.

"Altairrrrrr! Come on I'll drag you!" You yelled, Altair jumped. He had never heard you yell. "Okay fine (Y/N)! You win, I'll come..." Altair sighed. You dragged him all the way to the closest ocean, which wasn't too far. You were now swimming.

"ALTAIRRRRR!!!!" you loudly groaned. "Come on and swim!" You looked as Altair furiously shook his head. You wanted to confess your feelings for him to him at this current moment but Altair was making it awfully difficult. "(Y/N)....can you come here? Out the water? I want to tell you something, I have never told a single other assassin this..." You nodded and got out of the water and headed toward him. "Altair......I too have a confession to make." You told him. He patted the sand next to him motioning for you to sit next to him, you sat down and then broke a silence that had been initiated. "So Altair, what is this you want to confess?" He looked down and you swore you saw him blush, but thought nothing of it.

"(Y/N).....I'm scared of water...." You couldn't help it. You started laughing and didn't stop for about 10 minutes. When you calmed down you decided to confess. "Altair?" you asked. "Yes (Y/N)?" he replied. "I really like you". And at that moment Altair pounced onto your wet body and he kissed you. With a long passionate kiss. When he pulled away he said "I don't like you. I love you" and then continued kissing you.

WOO! First One Shot! I know it was terrible. Please give me some requests to give me something to do... - Aimzyrulez.

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