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Marco pov
I woke up with a pounding headache and I reeked of the drinks I took with shelby. I got up slowly and headed towards the bathroom to get cleaned up, as I finish my shower Janna scared me when she was in my room "What are you doing here?"

I asked a little coldly "I'm here because Shelby told me you're not okay, and you miss princess" I groan and rolled my eyes "Janna, no offense but you didn't like Star so why are you here?" She shakes her head before looking at me

"because as a friend I need to be there for you. Even though we have been arguing with each other, I am still your friend doofus" I chuckled as she stood up "Freak" she smirked as she came closer "Weirdo" I smiled and pulled her into a hug

"I'm sorry for being a terrible friend" she nods "Yeah, you were but I'm here to make you feel better, so come sit and express your feelings unless you don't want to?" I chuckled and sat down beside her

"Now, I know you loved her so much but, you knew this day was coming" I sigh and fell back on my bed "I know, but I didn't realize it will be this fast? We never made it when we are 18?" I started to tear up and I moved my head away from Janna

"You were right janna, I'm  no prince for her.." she looked at me with slight guilt "That was before..I just didn't mean it to hurt you, but now hearing it coming from your mouth, makes me feel kinda guilty" I sigh and clench my jaw

"Its her mom, she sees me as a bad influence" Janna scoffed "Dude, do you remember all the bad things you did with me and the way you look?" I smirked but nodded "Maybe you should go back to being normal Marco?"

I stood up quickly glaring at her "Are you kidding?! No way in hell I'm being that nerdy, awkward, and safe kid again! It took me years to get out of being bullied, I'm sure hell not going to be back janna" she laughed

"Dude I was kidding, maybe you can change your attitude to show her mother you're not a bad influence on her precious daughter" I sigh and nodded "Change my attitude?"

I kept thinking about it and it wasn't a bad idea but its gonna take a lot of work "I can do that, thanks janna" I hugged her and she slightly pushed me off "Don't be hugging me, I have a boyfriend and he watches my every move"

I gave her a confused look "What kind a idiot would date you? No offense janna" she glares and smirked "The prince of hell, so beware of him because he's a jealous type" I laughed holding my stomach until I felt my room shake and out stepped Tom?!

"Tom?! What the hell are you doing here?" He walks towards Janna giving her a long sloppy kiss which makes me gag a bit "I'm here for my girlfriend, ready to go?"

Janna nods and they leave "Told you I wasn't kidding" I wasn't really surprised, I fell for a girl who grew wings and 6 arms "Eh..now to work on my attitude"

Star pov
I woke up with my sheets soaked again and hair a mess, I didn't even want to see mother at all, I just want to see Marco and hug him and feel his lips on mine then I remembered the spell that glossaryck told me not to use.

I quickly pull the book from under my bed and look for it as I get to the page glossaryck looks right at me "What are you doing?" I smiled and kept looking at the book "I want to learn this spell, so can you open it please?"

He looks at it and at me "Are you sure?" I nodded "Yes, I'm sure" he shrugs and opens the page as I turn I find it and grabbed my wand

"Be warned you'll see something you won't like princess" I was confused but ignored him as I took a deep breath and said those words

"I summon the all seeing eye to tear a hole in the sky, reveal to me that which is hidden, unvail to me what is forbidden"

as I watched I see Marco and he looked terrible, but someone came in? 'What are you doing here?' They talked and hugged it out? Who is she? I can't see clearly, it annoyed me and his room started time shake and I stopped and dropped my wand

"Did I do that? He could've gotten hurt?" I held my arms and notice my wand glowing green, that is not a good sign "Glossaryck, what happened?" He blinked a few times

"Your emotions got in the way, you saw Marco be happy with someone else and it drove you mad, you got jealous princess" I didn't understand,

Marco wouldn't move on from me that quickly right? I felt a slight pain on my cheek as I looked at myself my hearts were cracked slightly "What?"

He looked at me and looked worried "Your heart is breaking..keep your emotions in check princess or else" I was scared, what happens when they break completely?

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