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"That was fuckin' weird..." The words tumbled from Harry's mouth while he watched Niall at the sink. Running water filled the Malik's small kitchen, filling the little silver tub. Washcloth in hand, he took the first plate from Louis. "With Liam and David.."

"I've never known Li to simply run out like that. Even when he's sick." Another dirty plate waiting in his fingertips, Louis watched as Harry drug the white rag in circles across the painted china. In all his years of knowing him, the man had never ran out on anything. Not even when they had been chased by lunatic fans. "He didn't even look that sick.."

"You noticed to, yeah?" Zayn's voice came from the doorway to the kitchen where he was leaning. "I was hoping I wasn't the only one.." He tore his eyes from the two long enough to look down at his son. One arm cradled the bundle to his chest while the other held a bottle between his lips. Oliver had refused to quit squirming and gurgling since Rosa's arrival. Maybe the kid had the same eery feeling as his dads? "David didn't even look worried."

"You just don't like him babe", Louis pointed out, now beginning to set the dishes in the side of the sink that was filled with soapy water. It was making his job easier. "You've never liked David. And with her here... Well, I can see you don't like her either."

"I think i'll have to second that. I can't stand her." Harry didn't even look up from the sink as he spoke. He didn't want to risk looking at her. Yes, she was an entirely different room, but could he be blamed? That woman had walked right in and bluntly been a bitch to Niall! "I don't understand why she's here."

Zayn and Louis simultaneously, both tossing a glance through the island window, into the living room. Niall was seated delicately on the couch at Harry's strict order of not to move. Beside him, Jaime and Rosa were talking. Or, giggling as they would have called it. The two females were laughing and nudging eachother, every once in a while looking up at the blonde next to them.

"Can I ask you two why hell you keep looking at me." Niall's grumpy voice almost made Harry smile. There goes that mood swing.... His fiancé stared at them with agitated blue eyes. But Harry himself had never seen anything cuter.

Rosa looked over, one eyebrow arching. "We were simply saying that you're starting to show." She let her hand snake out and slide across the slightly extended of the front of Niall's shirt. He jerked away, little frown lines beginning to appear on the corners of his mouth.

"I didn't tell you that you could put your hands me." A failed attempt at a stifled giggle came from Jaime. "Oh Niall, don't be such a sourpuss. She just wants to feel. Rosa isn't really a bitch, are you?" She smiled, an easy thing to manage from the confusion she was really feeling. Why is she really here? It had been easy to throw on a fiasco for the guys, but she bewildered. The last time ahe had seen the dark haired girl was the day she'd been adopted out. She's never liked kids..

"Just wanna feel..", Rosa agreed casually, grazing Niall's stomach again. She could only blink when his eyes narrowed and she swatted her away. "I said don't fucking touch me!"

"I think you should, y'know, go calm him down, Hazz.." Interrupting a scene that Harry called adorable, Louis prodded his side. He could irritation stamped across Niall's face. It was plain and clear that Rosa, nor Jaime at the moment, were people Niall wanted around. "He looks like he wants to bite a nail in two." Louis rolled his eyes when Harry's shoulders heaved with the makings of a sigh. "Fine. I should probably take him home.. He's probably tired." And so I don't have to do these damned dishes... Nothig bothered him more than washing dishes when there was a perfectly good dishwasher right in front of Louis waist!

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