Lavender and the Witch

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"Hey Merria, before I die, I want you to know, I fought for you." Lavender hoarsely croaked out. Her voice cracked under the pressure of the overwhelming emotions it held. Hidden inside Lavender's every word was a laced emotion: fear of the death that was soon to come, pain so strong she could feel it splintering her apart, even an empty hallow sound where hate used to reside within her. And underneath all that pain, all that rage and anguish, a tiny, speck of that helpless teenaged girl who hopelessly stood by and watched her best friend harshly dragged away to her her anguishing death, still remained hidden beneath the many other crowing emotions. Yes, a tiny bit of that girl who had miserably begged her father, her all powerful, father and king, who had ruled the land with and iron fist and bent the rules for no one, still remained deep inside. Lavender has begged him for the life of her best and only friend, to be spared. Her father, of course had not listened  to Lavender and Lavender had watched in a horrible, dreading, frozen state of shocked horror as Merria had been summoned to the royal court, tried with treason and an account of practicing the dark arts of witchcraft, then sentenced to death by the flame. Indeed, the last Lavender ever saw of her dearest friend was Merria's frenzied form, being unforgivingly dragged away by two men the size of oaks, and Merria cursing Lavender's traitorous name, household and kingdom in the most chilling voice Lavender had ever heard.
   "Liar." That same chilling voice, now aged by almost half a century, suddenly broke through Lavender's train of thought in a harsh reply. Lavender didn't have time to wonder how Merria had escaped, how she was still alive all these years later or even explain to Merria that Lavender hadn't been the one to rat her out of practice of magic to the king, before Merria spoke again. "You scum of the earth, you dirty-" reels of profanity fell from Merria's mouth and Lavender, and for the second time in her life Lavender felt tears pushing at the back of her throat due to Merria's unforgiving words. "You're a liar. You never fought for me, you -." Profanities dropped from Merria's lips like flies from a torch. "You ratted me out to your father." Merria hissed in a condemning voice.

   " I didn't! I swear I didn't Mer!" Lavender whimpered, eyeing the deadly sword clearly pointed at her chest.
   "Stop groveling lies to save your petty life." Merria replied, disgust poisoning her words. Lavender knew she had only moment to explain before Merria fulfilled her death threats.
   "I can explain! Please. I promise." The sword lowered ever so slightly, it was still aimed directly at Lavender's chest, yes, but Lavender took that as permission sign to go ahead with her story. "I didn't rat you out all those years ago. It was the kitchen boy, son of the chef, he caught you making the dust bunnies under the wardrobe in my dressing chambers dance the day you were caught. I tried to chase him down before he reached my father but once I arrived it was too late. I begged for your life; I pleaded with my father, but he wouldn't listen and I was too afraid when you were called to utter a peep, to make a move. There were so many things I wanted to tell you still, before you- before the steak..." Lavender trailed off, a wounded and fearful expression clouding her eyes as a sinister smile crept up Merria's face.
  "You know Lavender," Merria drawled, "even as a child I could always tell when you lied to me." And with that Merria sunk the sword into Lavender's rib cage. Lavender didn't even have a moment to react, a final word to utter, the sword pierced her heart almost instantly and as she crumpled to the ground, Merria, for the first time she discovered she harbored outlawed magic within her, all those many years ago, Merria felt free.

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