CHAPTER 1 Where The Heck Am I?

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Twilight worriedly looked around the giant container. It looked like his home,  but reeked of humans. And of a wolf pack. "Intruder!" Yelled a white wolf.
"I mean no harm, I want to go home." Twilight said anxiously.
"The forest?" Asked a thin black wolf with white paws and a white star on her chest.
"Of course he means the forest, Snow. That is the only place a wolf could live now." The first wolf laughed.
"You are confusing me." Stated Twilight.
"You poor thing." Snow giggled.
"Why?" Twilight asked.
"You haven't been outside the forest before! You've missed out on so much!" Snow chuckled.
"I have been facinated in humans ever since I discovered them." Twilight stated.
"Getting you caught." The grouchy wolf said.
"Kito! Don't say that!" Snow scolded.
"The truth hurts." Kito stated.
"So, what should we do with this intruder?" Kito asked.
"The chief will decide." Snow stated. "I am not yet the leader."
"Fine." Kito grumbled.
"Good." Snow smiled.
"ONLY because you are the boss." Kito angrily.
"Good." Snow smiled triumphantly.
Twilight tucked his tail in between his legs worriedly. "What is going to do to me?" Twilight asked wearily.
"The chief would decide." Snow said.
"I hope it's something bad." Another wolf grumbled.
Twilight became even more worried. "What about the chief?" Another wolf growled.
"He's such a soft paw to every intruder, but I haveother plans." A voise sad from some huge bushes.
"You do not say that about the chief!" Snow snarled.
"Like what?" A black wolf with blood red eyes asked eagerly.
"If you make me chief, everyone would be happy. Except visitors." The voice said.
Twilight bolted the opposite way of the other wolves, but Snow followed him easily. "What are you doing?" Snow asked when she finally caught up to him.
"Getting away from those wolves! What do you expect?" Twilight said, picking up the pace.
"They have some weird wishes. I know." Snow stated. "Why are you here anyway? It's miles from the last forest standing."
"My curiosity for humans got in the way of my life and my instincts. I got a little too close to the humans." Twilight mumbled. "I screwed up big time."
Snow started laughing. "Really? An interest in humans? They are annoying, spoiled, and what is wrong with their fur? Like, it's always changing colors every day! Don't even get me started on the smell!" Snow said in disgust.
"Wow, humans are really weird in hind sight." Twilight stated.
"You bet your fur they are!" Snow said. "Also, you smell like human. "How could you tell?" Twilight asked curiously.
"You could smell a human a thousand miles away. They smell like death." Snow stated.
"Oh, okay." Twilight said quietly.
"You know you're heading to the den site, right?" Snow asked.
Twilight turned the other direction and walked away. "I'm not going there." Twilight stated.
"The others are fine, just the scouts act like that. And don't worry about the chief, he's a good guy. I should know, he's my dad." Snow said calmly. "Every new wolf he welcomes, unlike the scouts he thinks that violence isn't the answer."
"I still don't want to go there." Twilight stated.
"The pups get really out of paw at times." Snow said.
"I want to go home." Twilight stated.
"Could I come?" Snow asked curiously.
"Sure." Twilight said. "I could use the help."
"I've just wondered what it's like out there, in the real world. Outside our boundaries." Snow said.
"It's outstanding. All the space you need, and want. I just love my home back there." Twilight explained. "Being there puts this place to shame."
"Maybe we could get out tomorrow morning. The humans come in here every day, getting out would be easy!" Snow said excitedly.
"We have a plan." Twilight smiled.

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