The Real Me

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I would of suspected that I would feel a hole in my heart, as I opened the front door with all my belongings that morning. My mom just kept quietly as I made my way down the drive way and parted from the house. I had no regrets. I had none to begin with.

Dad waited for me in his car with the rest of my luggage and smiled when I approached. For once, it didn't feel like I was chained down.
"Are you ready?" He asked when I sat in the passenger seat, buckling my seat belt.
"Yeah, I'm ready." I replied.
"You'll like the new place I picked out. It's near your school and not far from your work." He explained.
"Thank you." I really did appreciate all that he has done for me. All the sacrifices he endured, all for the sake of taking me out of that house.

The law no longer applied to me. I'm an adult. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm not a child anymore.
"Here we are!" Dad swung the apartment door opened and the first thing I noticed was the clean hall that invited us in.
"It took some time to find a place like this. Luckily, the flyers came to me." He laughed.
"It's nice." I agreed.
"What? There's more than just the hall." Dad patted my head and we took off our shoes as we entered.

Amazed as I kept walking further in. It was small, however it was stretched out for one person. In all, there was 4 rooms. The bedroom, living room, dining room, and of course the bathroom. Equally having somewhat of the same size. I wasn't complaining.
"So?" Dad asked for a comment.
"It's nice. Thanks." I kissed his cheek.
"I'll help you unpack." He insisted.
"No it's fine. I'll do it myself." I said, "go back to work, or they'll find a reason to fire you." I giggled. "I can take care of myself now."

He took a soft sigh and placed the bags on the ground. "If you need anything, just call me. Where I work isn't far from here." He spoke.
"Alright. But don't expect me to call 24/7." I pouted my lips. "Thanks again, dad."

In the moment, I said goodbye to my old life and welcomed the new. I embraced my dad with all the love that I couldn't give him when I was with mom. He was truly a prideful man I looked up to. He just doesn't known it.
When dad had left for work. Like any free child from the grasp of their parents, I screamed in joy at the top of my lungs! This eradicating sensation of happiness that overwhelmed me to the fullest. I've never been happier.

Bang Bang.
The front door burst with pounds as I myself was startled. Maybe I was being a little too loud. Whoops. Well, great first impression of a new neighbor. Great Nagisa, you'll be known as the screamer.

"Hello?" I slowly opened the door and saw half a face of a man with a static expression. That was because I refused to open the front door all the way.
"I live next door, could you keep it down?"

I knew that voice from anywhere. Though, my own heart had deceived me for the moment. It it was true.
"Sugino?" I spoke.
"Huh? Nagisa? You're the new neighbor?"

I opened the door fully and presented myself in such manner. His expression of widen eyes and mouth gave him a shock.
"Apparently." I gleamed. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Nagisa Shiota. From this day forward, I'll be living here." I bowed my head with subtle teases.
"You've got to be kidding me." Sugino sighed.
"Heheh, I'll be in your care."
Today, Nagisa has a day off. I won't be seeing her today. However, I guess with Shizuka being here, will make up for it.

Without Nagisa here, she's more to herself. She hasn't spoken to me once and has her head in the text book. Was she studying for or something?
Shizuka looked up and saw me staring. I knew I couldn't divert my gaze, because it would of been obvious that I was trying to hide it.
"How are you holding up?" She finally spoke.
"Never been better." I replied.
"Does anything feel funny? Displaced?" She questioned.
"Not that I'm aware of." I replied.

Then the lab doors sensors turned green. The other scientists had arrived with booklets in their possession. These men were from another department. They did not look friendly.
"Sir, anything I can do for you?" Shizuka politely asked as she walked their way.
"Hm?" The man with glasses suddenly struck her with his meaty hands.
"You greet your superiors. Where are your manners?" His voice as caustic as his face.

"My apologies sir, I've stepped out of line."
I could see the expression that she wore on her face, but she did a good job acting like she was fine.
"These are the updated alterations. It's best that you deal with them now."
"Yes, I will do that." She lowered her head, more deeper than she had before. She submitted herself to his tyrannical ways.

When they soon left, Shizuka opened up the booklet and placed it on her desk. She walked past me and grabbed her gear.
She entered the glass dome.

"Are you alright?" I asked as she began to unscrew the bolts in my back.
"I'm perfectly fine." She said back.
"Does it hurt?"
"Not much anymore. Just stings." She continued with her hands.
"Too bad I don't know what physical pains feel like. I wonder if its a gift of being alive."

Shizuka's hand stopped and she stood quietly for some time. "It's best that you don't know what physical pain feels like. If anything, being emotionally hurt is all you need. Though, that shouldn't be needed either."

"But being able to get hurt, isn't that living?" I brought up.
"For humans." Shizuka said, "you're not human, remember? Those things will hinder your success rate. Those things aren't needed."
"Then what about that time-"
"I just followed along with Nagisa. Sure, seeing you other than a killer robot was kind of nice. However, we need to know the difference between reality and fantasies."

Honesty, I've never seen such a wasted side of hers. Despondent to the fullest. Like a mask.

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