No More

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            I walked down the stairs just in time to get the door. “Hey Jace,” I smiled as I let him into the house. “Where are your parents?” I asked.

            “Oh, they’re on their way.” I gave Jace a small peck on the lips and he smiled at me.

            “Hey Jace, how’s everything?” Tanya asked smiling as her and my dad got everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

            “Pretty good, I’m just glad we’re on break.” He admitted.

            My dad laughed. “I’m sure your happy to get out of that school.”

            I sat at the island and talked to Tanya as she tossed a quick salad together. The television blared with the sound of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the fireplace was lit. My dad pulled out a bottle of wine from the wine cooler and placed it on the table. Just as the table was set the doorbell rang. “And that would be my parents.” Jace stated going to get the door.

            I jumped off the counter and made my way over to the table because dinner was about to be served. “Uh Cam, the door’s for you.” I heard Jace say. I look at Tanya and my dad for a split second before hearing the sound of heels making their way towards the kitchen. I stand up from the table and my jaw drops at the sight in front of me.

            “Mom,” I take a second to process what exactly was going on. “What are you doing here?” I ask her.

            “Theresa, what do you want?” My dad asked calmly even though I know he was anything but calm.

            She laughed. “I want to spend Thanksgiving with my daughter.” When she reached out to hug me I moved away.

            “Well I don’t want to spend mine with you.” I spat taking a step back from her.

            Her smile on her face faltered like I had just slapped her in her face. “You look so beautiful honey. It’s been a while.”

            I roll my eyes. “It’s been a while? It’s been like three months.” I state. “And in case you haven’t noticed, I’m doing fine without you.” I could tell she was getting annoyed with my behavior, but her presence was not wanted here.

            “Camille, whether you like it or not I am your mother, and you are coming home sooner or later.” She stated and I shook my head.

            “I am home.”

            “No, not this home, our home back in California.” She pulled out an envelope from her purse and gave it to my dad.

            “What is this?” He asked tearing it open.

            “A custody arrangement.” She stated. I looked over to see Tanya’s face. She looked heart broken.

            “Last time I checked you just gave up your daughter because of your problems.” My dad screamed. “Tanya has welcomed her into our home and into her life. She treats Camille like her daughter, which is more that I could say for you.”

            My mom flinched at his words. “I’m sorry you feel that way, but I’ve changed.”

            I scoffed. “You haven’t changed at all, and I’ll be damned if I go back to California to live with you. You’re a monster and you know what? Dad’s right. Tanya was always more of a mother to me than you ever were.” I screamed running out of the kitchen door. I descended the stairs and ran as fast and as far as my feet would take me.

            I finally stopped when I could no longer breathe and I found myself sitting on the top of a fence that surrounded a currently abandoned pasture. The smell of freshly mowed grass filled my lungs and I breathed it in. “I wish she would just leave me alone.” I said tilting my face up towards the sky to help keep the tears in. I opened my eyes and looked at the sun that shined through the white, fluffy clouds.

            As I watched the clouds gracefully float by I couldn’t help but feel at ease. My mind was taken away from the clouds overhead when I heard a loud whinny. I looked out into the farther out pastures and I squinted my eyes and one of the horses standing at the fence. “Romance?” I whispered under my breath as I walked barefoot through the freshly mowed grass. I walked closer and closer until I could recognize her. Indeed it was Romance standing at the fence, her ears attentive to my voice. “My baby girl,” I reached out and hugged her nose from over the fence. She let her head hang low enough for me to hold her. “Where have you been?” I felt the tears return as I stood there holding her and talking to her.

            “It was only a matter of time before you found her.” I jumped at the sound of my dad’s voice.

            “Yea,” I said rubbing her nose.

            “Cam, I’m not going to let your mother take you away if that’s what you’re worried about.” I nodded.

            “I don’t want to go back there.” I cried wiping the tears from my cheeks.

            “And you’re not going to go back there. You’re here and you’re mine and I’m not going to let her abuse you anymore. No more.” He said pulling me into a hug. I cried into his chest and let him hold me. I’m with my dad now, she can’t hurt me anymore. I repeated it over and over and over again in my head, it was just a matter of time before I actually believed it.

- - - - - - - - -

Sorry for being so slow with the updates! I’m going to try and finish this as soon as possible. I may upload again tonight, but I’m not sure what I’m doing yet. Tell me what you think? – Hayley 

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