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We were still in the car driving through the tall trees when I felt pain shoot up my abdomen. I grabbed my stomach and let out a yelp causing Yoongi the jerk the steering wheel and stopping the car in the middle of nowhere.

He looked at me with worry. "Are you okay?" He asked leaning near me and grabbing my hand that was gripping my belly.

I looked up at him in surprise. "No, I've been feeling like this the whole day... there's this... pain in my abdomen" I explained, trying to gather the right words.

He stared at me for a moment then his eyes widened as if he realized something. "Shit. You're in heat"

"Heat?" I asked confused, as usual.

"Aish, you don't know anything do you?"

"No" I agreed feeling the pain worsen and squeezing my stomach.

"Come here" Yoongi said twisting himself around to grab my body and lifting it without an effort.

"W-what are you doing?" I blushed as he sat me on his lap with my legs on either side of his hips. But my mouth shut up automatically when my skin made contact with his and I felt my pain go away. 'What the hell' I thought.

He looked into my eyes and I realized how close our mouths were. Yoongi looked like he was refraining himself to just lean in and kiss the life out of me with the constant moving of his hands. He didn't know where to place them so I took them and placed them on my waist.

Our positions were awkward with the small space in the car but I felt comfortable just sitting there and staring into his eyes. What was wrong with me? Yoongi started explaining what heat was but I wasn't exactly listening.

My eyes kept going down to his lips and I kept biting mine in nervousness. I kept contemplating whether I should just lean forward and kiss him or I should stay put until he finishes speaking. Yoongi stopped after a while when he noticed I wasn't responding and stared at me.

"What?" I said looking straight into his beautiful onyx eyes.

"You're not listening to me are you?" He asked already knowing the answer.

"Well... uh, I uhm kind of was?" it came out more of a question. His lips were distracting me. One second I was staring into his eyes, the other I was looking at his lips, studying how they moved.

To be honest, this was the first time Yoongi was being so oblivious. Usually, he would just grab my head and kiss the life out of me whenever he wanted; But now he looked like he didn't even feel my temptation to kiss him.

I licked my lips and nervously prepared myself to lean down when he spoke again, making me groan in frustration and sigh in relief at the same time.

"Okay then repeat what I said" He challenged raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know" I mumbled as my cheeks went pink and I moved my head to look away. I think he was doing this to me on purpose.

"Fine... I'll tell you all over again" He rolled his eyes, his hands still resting on my back.

I could not believe him. He was definitely teasing me. Feeling my annoyance grow, I looked back at him and just when he started speaking leaned forward.

"Heat is when-" I tilted my head and smashed my lips onto his cutting him off mid-sentence and seemingly surprising him. For the first few seconds, Yoongi did not respond, but eventually he caught on and leaned forward to kiss me back.

His hands went up to the back of my neck as he started kissing me with passion. I showed as much enthusiasm and followed what he did. A minute later I felt something wet lick my lips and realized it was Yoongi's tongue asking for entrance.

I smiled -still feeling nervous- and opened my mouth. We both began kissing passionately, my hands running tugging his hair, eyes tightly closed. We had a small tongue battle and he won so i let him explore my mouth.

We kept kissing until we had to pull away for air.

I breathed heavily after my first intense make-out session but my hands remained gripping his hair. He stared at me with an amused smirk on his face.

"If you wanted to kiss me so bad, you could've just said so" He said.

"Oh please" I scoffed "You just wanted me to make the first move"

He didn't say anything but pulled me in for another kiss. I kissed him back happily, feeling accomplished that I had the guts to kiss the intimidating guy. He pulled away and kissed my cheek before kissing my jawline then my neck and going further down.

As soon as his lips touched the mark on my neck I let out a soft moan unintentionally. He kissed it again and I moaned again. I felt him smirk against my skin and he softly sucked on the spot.

The moment started getting too intense and I knew that when I felt something very hard near my nether regions. Yoongi humped up and I jumped in surprise. He knew how surprised I was because he suddenly stopped.

I felt a bit disappointed but also relieved that we had stopped. I didn't want things going too far, especially because of what happened today.

Yoongi pulled away from my neck and pecked me on the lips one last time before grabbing my waist and lifting me off of him. I whimpered in protest but he pretended not to hear it and put me back on my seat, leaning forward to pull my seatbelt for me.

"We should head back, it's getting late"


I opened the large door to the mansion and peeked in to see if anyone was awake. The lights were off except for one. It was the living room.

I stepped in and took slow steps toward the living room not wanting to surprise the person inside. It felt good to be back in the mansion, I could finally take a nice long shower and go to sleep after a long day. Yoongi entered behind me, closing the door behind him and heading straight to the kitchen.

He didn't say a word after what happened. There was too much tension and awkwardness in the car and I got out as soon as he parked the car. Feeling that he wasn't in a good mood, I went into the mansion myself, knowing he'll come behind me anyway.

When I walked into the living room, I saw Mijoo lying on the sofa. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she had fell asleep waiting for someone.

I assumed it was me and sat beside her to shook her awake. "Hey wake up from your beauty sleep, I'm here" I said.

Mijoo opened her eyes and took in the situation and I knew instantly it was a bad idea waking her up. Mijoo looked at me and slowly her eyes narrowed as if she was angry.

"What the hell took you so damn long? Do you know how worried I was? You are so dead" She said and attempted to jump over me. I was swift to move aside and she ended up falling on her face. I took this chance to stand up and run, screaming my lungs out.

"SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM THIS PSYCHO" I screamed and ran toward the kitchen in attempt to look for Yoongi, who as far as I knew, was the only one awake in the whole house.

Why was it that whenever I entered the mansion, someone was always angry at me?

Why was it that whenever I entered the mansion, someone was always angry at me?

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