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My hair tied up in a tight black bun on top of my head. The holes in my face showing that there once was a metal bar present. Velma smiled at me shakily as I took the empty tea cup from her wrinkled hands. I recently turned 35 years old, and I work at an elderly home in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

I smiled softly at the patients as I made my way to the kitchen, it's almost time to welcome my new patient.

"Good morning, today's been quite busy and I'm still in my first hour!" I chuckled at my frantic friend, Jenaya, she ran around the kitchen. I wiped my hands on my apron and got a plate from the cupboard. I placed a cup of coffee, I over heard that my new patient loves it, and two scotch biscuits on the side.

"He should be arriving shortly, his name still hasn't been revealed" Jenaya said, I nodded and grabbed the plate. I walked out of the kitchen and down the hallway to room 143. I stopped outside the door and overheard voices from inside.

"Are you sure you'll be ok, Dad?" A deep raspy voice replied;

"Yes, I'll be fine. I lived on a moving bus for three quarters of a year, this can't be that intense" I heard a slight giggle and them saying their goodbyes. I stepped back from the wooden door just as it opened.

"Oh, hey. I take it your my Dad's nurse?" The girl has long black hair and drawn eyebrows, raccoon makeup and shark bites, she reminds me of what I used to dress like, my tattoos are hidden by my uniform.

"Yes I am, is he ready to see me?" The girl nodded and thanked me before disappearing down the hall. I peeked in the room and saw the man sitting on his bed looking out the window. Shoulder length black hair cascaded his shoulders and his arms littered with tattoos.

"Good morning, my name is Y/N. I'll be your carer for the duration of your stay" I placed his coffee on the bedside table.

"Morning, my names Richard.. Olson, but I prefer Ricky" Ricky turned around shakily and I held in the gasp that threatened to escape my mouth.

"So tell me about yourself"

"I'm 83 years o-old, as a teenager I was the outcast, suicidal, but I overcome my dreams. Sadly, they ended when my best friend Christopher passed, brain tumour, they're terrible things-" I heard about that.. "He was so young.. only 46. We were in a band called Motionless in White"

"I've heard about Motionless In White.." I said and played with my fingers, tears ran down Ricky's face as he explained his best friend and ex band members death.

"You're band saved my life.. you're the man who was there for me, I was torn apart when you guys broke up, and Chris's death.. I tried contacting you but you all disappeared from social media for years. Now is my chance to thank you.. thankyou for helping me forget about the terror my family was putting me trough, the pain of people at school, abuse, thankyou"

Ricky shakily held his hand out to me, I placed my hand in his and he held it tightly.

"You're an amazing person. You don't deserve to go that and I hope that one day you will reach your dreams-"

"I already have, I met you".

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