"Now My Life Gets Better!"

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"One week later,

I'm writin' a letter nightly!

Now my life gets better,

Every letter that you write me!"


Best Friends!


Aoi Valt

"Valt! I'm back!" You shouted as you entered the store to see Valt wave goodbye to a customer.

His bright brown eyes seemed to be brighter and ran toward you. "[First name]!" He eagerly shouted. "I thought you weren't going to make it today," he says as he leads you to a table inside the bakery. He knows that you live pretty far away but still manages to be at the bakery every chance you get!

"Haha, sorry!" You apologized as you sat down on one of the tables. "Anyway, how's your day? Is it busy today?"

Valt nodded, "Yeah, right now my mom's off on some errands, so the whole bakery depends on me and my siblings." You hummed and nodded. You watched Valt walk over and grabbed a few slices of bread and set them on a plate. He walked back and placed the plate in front of you with a glass of milk.

"How much will that be?"

Valt chuckles and shook his head. "No worries! It's on the house!"

You opened your mouth to say something but knew that Valt doesn't take no as an answer. He's always paying for you whenever the chance arises. Honestly, he's such a sweet boy to you. Maybe that's why the two of you became such quick and good friends!

Aoi Tokonatsu

Today seems like a perfect day to head on over to the place where Tokonatsu works! You've frequented there so many times that the moment Tokonatsu sees you come through that door, he's already writing down your order. He thinks you don't notice and always 'surprises' you with it.

You keep him thinking like that.

"Tokonatsu," you called out for the fifth time today as the boy snapped out of his trance. "What's been on your mind recently? You've been thinking a lot..."

"H-Huh...what?" Tokonatsu blinked several times before refocusing. "Sorry!" He apologized sheepishly before smiling. "I'm just thinking about the hours my boss gave me..." he whined and stretched on the table. "Three more hours..."

"You'll be fine," you reassured, rolling your eyes and taking a sip of your coffee. "I'll make sure to be here a lil longer to keep you company then!" You smiled.

Kurenai Shu

Surprisingly, you and Shu continued to chat with each other after that day. It was pretty funny how you two continued to meet. It usually started out with Shu asking to hide out with you (you were in an empty classroom cause you forgot something) from the fangirls. Then it escalated by asking to have lunch with you because the fangirls won't leave him alone. Heck, Shu even started to walk home with you because the fangirls are starting to know where he lives.

Although, that last one doesn't seem to be true.

"Hey, [First name]!" Shu's voice called out. You turn around, stopping in your tracks as you smiled down at him. "I still don't feel comfortable walking over to my house yet," he admitted with a grin. "Is it all right if I walk you home first?"

"Dude," you snicker. "Are you sure that the fangirls are chasing you?" You glanced around your surroundings for comedic effect. "It looks like the only fangirl here is you," you teased as Shu flushed red and waved you off.

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