Harry's P.O.V

We get our cary-ons down from the overhead bins and then we're on our way. We make our way through the airport quickly, before any fans can spot us, and once we're in the parking lot, we're home free. Thank God. I do not want to be caught in a fan mob right now. I take Clara's hand and pull her a little closer to me. She chuckles. Ever since we had sex on the plane, she's been happier, more excited, and that gleam is finally back in her eye. I'm still worried about her health emotionally, but I'm hoping that after she meets the psychologist I've found here in London, Katherine, she'll start to get better. And when she isn't getting help from Katherine, she'll have the others. And me. Paul opens the van door for us and gets into the driver's seat, ready to drive us back to our flats. First he stops at Louis's and my flat, along with Clara and Eleanor. Then he leaves to take the boys to their own flats while we settle back in. El has been here many times before, so I let her give Clara the grand tour because they get along so well. Lou and I both make a run for the kitchen, shoving each other in our stupid race to get there first. I win, sticking my tongue out at Louis. Yes, I'm a two-year-old at heart.

"I win, Louis!" I rub in his face as his lip pushes into a mock pout. I laugh and open the fridge. Ooh, we have pudding. Yum... I grab one of the cups of it and a spoon, instantly shoving the first spoonful into my mouth. Oh my God. That tastes so good! Yum. Meanwhile, Louis is sitting on the island eating crisps. I sit beside my best mate and we eat together in comfortable quiet. Finally, Eleanor finishes giving Clara the grand tour, returning her back to me. I pull her close and give her a quick but deep kiss, pouring emotion into it.

"Oy, you two! Get a room, will you?" Louis crinkles his nose, pretending to be grossed out, but I know he doesn't really care. Clara chuckles and looks at Louis.

"Been there, done that," she smirks. Louis's eyes widen at Clara's uncharacteristic words, but I bite back a laugh at his expression. I'm now familiar with the sexy language of one Miss Clara Higgens. Eleanor just rolls her eyes and takes Louis's hand in hers.

"Guys, the other boys and everyone else want to go clubbing tonight to celebrate our first night back. We're leaving at nine thirty, okay?" Eleanor ignores Louis and Clara's piss battle.

"Yes, ma'am," Louis grins at his girlfriend, giving her a salute. El rolls her eyes again and practically drags Louis behind her as they go upstairs to probably do more than talk. Louis wiggles his eyebrows at us one last time before the couple disappears into their bedroom.

"What do you want to do, love?" I ask Clara. "We only have thirty minutes..."

"That's long enough, but I just want to hang out and relax for a little while, if that's okay with you?" she smiles at me.

"Of course it is, Clara," I chuckle. "Sex isn't what this relationship is about. It's just one of the many benefits." She laughs at my choice of words and leans her forehead against my chest. I wrap my arms around her and kiss the top of her head, holding her close. "Do you want to watch tv?"

"Um, sure," Clara agrees with a slight nod before pulling away from me and going to sit on the sofa. I grab the remote and switch through the channels until Clara stops me. "Doctor Who is on!" she squeals. Since I like the show, too, I turn up the television a little bit as the Curse of the Black Spot episode continues from where it had left off on the television. There's only about fifteen minutes left, so that'll give us a chance to change really quickly before we have to go.

"I would never go to her as long as I had you," I murmur to Clara as Rory moves towards the alien doctor-woman. She blushes.

"Thank you," Clara mumbles, looking down at her lap.

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