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maya tied her hair back into a ponytail. the tips of her hair stopped at her back and her baby hairs sprouted upon her head. maya bit her lip as she stared in the mirror. zay would be picking her up any minute. the girl rolled her red flannel sleeves up, stopping at her elbows. her black jeans and boots matched perfectly. maya flashed herself a cheeky grin before getting a text message.

the message was from zay saying that he is outside. maya truly hated going to school. the teachers suck, as well as the kids attending. the only friends maya truly had is zay. zay and maya have known each other since the second grade. zay met a few others and eventually gained his way to the top. but he stayed loyal to maya and never left her side.

maya prayed that lucas friar, zay's other best friend, would not be in the car. if lucas were to be in the car, he would have some random girl with him. maya never cared for girls at her school. they were all the same: snotty, sexy and slim. always wore makeup and designer handbags for backpacks. they preferred dresses and lipstick while maya prefers jeans with a t-shirt and going natural.

boys always acknowledged maya's presence. but she never noticed them. maya classified herself as a recluse, something zay hated about maya. though, he would never tell her that. zay wished maya would befriend his friends. although, there was always drama. which maya did not like.

maya grabbed her backpack and tossed it onto her shoulder before running out of her window. she closed the window tightly and climbed down the roof carefully. zay watched from his car and sighed, rolling the window down. "you're gonna hurt yourself one day!"

maya glanced at zay and giggled. "shut up!" she said. maya jumped from the roof and landed perfectly on her feet. zay had no idea how she did that so perfectly. he wished he could do that. maya jogged over to the car and got in, fastening her seatbelt. "no lucas?"

zay started his car up. "nope. missy and riley offered him a ride. you happy?"

maya grinned. "definitely. i hate lucas friar."

"you know," zay drove off. "you wouldn't hate him if you got to know him."

maya cocked an eyebrow up at zay. "get to know him? get to know fuckboy friar? hell to the no."

zay snorted at the nickname. "he's not that bad of a dude. he hasn't slept with someone in forever. ever since he fell in love with both missy and riley. and of course, both girls love him. barf."

but who would not love lucas friar? his looks were breath-taking, maya had to admit. "sucks for them. that's why i stay independent! because guys always break girls hearts...vise versa. there's no such thing as love."

zay rolled his eyes. "yeah...yeah okay. you act like you're not in love with lucas."

"it's not an act. i'm not and never will be in love with lucas friar." or so she thought.  "he can have all the rich, bratty girls at our school. they're the worst and he's the worst. they go perfectly." maya gazed out the window.

zay glanced over at her and smirked. "okay...whatever you say miss maya hart."

"that's right!" maya grinned and zay just continued to drive.


i don't necessarily have a main plot for this book? im legit just writing as i go along...oops? but the main part of this story is just maya hating the way girls at her school act for guys & stuff. she prefers just being herself and others will soon realize how important that is!

ps. i got a new phone and typing on it is kind of hard????? like i was so used to typing on my iphone 5s but my new phone is an iphone 6s lol. but i still love it!

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