Chapter 32 - Part 1

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I slowly and cautiously opened my eyes. Everything ached, and my head was pounding so loud I felt like I'd go deaf. As my eyes adjusted to the dim lighting, all I could see in any direction was rock. Where am I?

I sat up, groaning in pain. Why do my muscles ache so much? What had happened? The last thing I remembered was trying to break the barrier, and Laelyn was - wait. Where is Laelyn? I looked around, hoping to see her there with me, but all I saw was darkness.

"Laelyn?" I whispered. Something about this place made me feel uncomfortable making any noise whatsoever. I heard a low groan and my head snapped in the direction of the sound. "H-hello...?" I whispered shakily.

"Help..." I heard the voice say, barely any breath behind it. I recognized the voice, and it wasn't Laelyn. I felt my way around the dark space, barely seeing an outline of a person lying on the ground. "Please..." he continues. I finally - and painfully - made my way over to him, finally remembering who it was.

"Cowyn? What happened?" I asked, in a hushed tone. I didn't trust this situation at all. I shouldn't worry about the situation just yet though, I reprimanded myself. There was a much more important issue at hand. "Are you alright?" I wondered. All I got in response was another groan as he tried to move. "Come on, I have no idea what's going on... Say something, if you can," I pleaded.

"Magic... Too much..." he said with difficulty. "The barrier... Shattered..."

"Too much magic, so the barrier... Shattered?" I attempted. "I thought that was the point?" Why would that be a bad thing? And how did we end up here?

"Portals..." Portals? Did we create one?

"Woah, wait... We're not in Soryx anymore?"

"Not real portals," Cowyn explained quickly, before he lost breath again and held his ribs. After a few seconds, he spoke again. "Barrier fractures. Transported us locally-" he grunted again and rolled onto his side. "We must be in the mountain... Somewhere," he finished.

"Oh..." I said, mulling it over in my mind. "Wait, are you okay? What happened to you?" He seemed to be in a much worse condition than me.

"Too much magic," he said simply. Magic can affect him this much?

"Can I... Um... Is there any way I can help?" I asked.

"You're probably... Too tired..." he said, having difficulty speaking again.

"No, really, what can I do?" I asked. "Whatever it is, I can do it. We have to get out of here somehow."

"You'd have to transfer... Energy..."


"Same way as magic."

Oh. Well I suppose it wasn't too bad. Except the whole passing out portion, and the unfortunate fact of the fracture portals. I did feel like the life was being drained from me, though. Is that what had to happen? "Okay," I agreed, regardless. "Now?"

Cowyn nodded and closed his eyes, taking shaky breaths. Shutting my own eyes, I extended my hand over his chest and focused on transferring my magic, but more carefully this time. I couldn't overwhelm him again. This is risky, I realized. Why is Cowyn exposing himself to more magic after what happened? That's when I realized... It must be very serious for this to be the only option. "Cowyn?" I asked quietly, still focusing as much as possible on my magic, which I could feel draining.

"Hmm?" he mumbled.

"Are you... Dying?" I asked. He didn't answer. I gulped. 

His life was in my hands.  

Author's Note!

Hey, don't worry, I know this was short! That's because the next few chapters will be split POVs, and I'm going to update them separately. Today I'm gonna have a double update! Exciting, right? I'm even EARLY for an upload! APRECIATE MEEEEEE XD

Anyway, I know this was probably confusing and a bit emotional, but it's okayyyy. Love you guys!


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