Daddy's girl

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((AU where Ahsoka and Rex are married, in their 30's? And their daughter is going on her first date. {Rex doesn't look like he does in Rebels, more like the pic i'll put at the bottom!}))

Rex came home after a long day of training shinies, and plopped himself at the kitchen table. Ahsoka kissed his cheek and began making dinner. "Hun, where's Myesha?" Rex asked his very pregnant wife, "Hmm? Oh! She's training out back." Ahsoka informed him. Rex looked out the window, and saw their six-teen year old Togrutan daughter shooting targets. 

Rex smiled and went out to see her. "Daddy! Your home!" She said happily and hugged him, "How ya doin' kid?" Rex asked, a smile glued to his face. "I'm fine! I kicked all the guys shebs today in training!" She said proudly. "That's my girl!" Rex said.

"So, what's mom making for dinner? Hope i'm not gonna miss anything good!" Said Myesha. "What do you mean you don't wanna miss anything good?" Rex asked, he was suspicious now. "Mom didn't tell you?, have tonight." She said, backing away a bit, worried about his reaction.

He stood dumb-founded for a moment, then began to speak. "You have a what now?" He asked, "Ah c'mon dad, please don't be mad!" She begged. "I'm not mad, just surprised. Who is it?" He asked, "Darrin, the boy i like from school..." Myesha said shyly. Rex nodded and walked inside. 

"Soka!" He shouted when he got inside. "What's wrong, Rexter?" Ahsoka asked. "Why didn't you tell me our daughter has a date tonight!?" Rex asked, a bit louder then he anticipated. "I was going to tell you after you'd relaxed and had a couple beers." Ahsoka told him. Rex sighed and looked out at his daughter. He saw a speeder bike pull up, Darrin stepped off and went over to Myesha.

"I'm not too sure about this.." Rex started, "I mean, she's just a kid!". "She's six-teen Rex. We were around that age when we met, and started dating." Ahsoka stated. "Just talk with Darrin while i help Myesha pick out something nice to wear, okay?" Ahsoka asked him nicely. Rex sighed, "Yes dear." He mumbled. 

Myesha and Darrin walked into the kitchen where Rex and Ahsoka were. "Mom, Dad! I'd like you to meet Darrin!" She said happily. He waved shyly, "Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs...?" "Jaig." Rex finished for him. "C'mon Meesha, let's go find you something to wear." Ahsoka said, she took her daughters hand and they walked upstairs.

Darrin and Rex stood in awkward silence for a while. " served in the GAR?" Darrin asked, "Yeah. I was and still am Captain of the 501st." Rex replied. "Cool! I've been learning about the clone wars in history! It's my favorite thing to learn about." Darrin said, Rex smiled a bit. "So, how long have you known my little Myesha?" Rex asked, "A couple months, i finally got the courage to ask her out today though." Darrin confessed.

"Yeah, i know what that's like.." Rex said with a smirk. "What do you mean?" Darrin asked. "Well, Myesha's Ma, Ahsoka, we met during the clone wars. I was the Captain and she was my Commander. We weren't exactly supposed to be dating, considering she's a Jedi and i'm a clone." Rex told him. "I didn't know Mrs.Jaig was in the war too! And a Jedi!?" He gushed, obviously happy to hear stories. 

"Yup! And just let me tell you, she was the most beautiful woman i had ever seen! Still is.." Rex said, smirking even more now. Darrin felt honored to be in the presence of such an amazing man. "So how long have you and Mrs.Jaig been married?" The young man asked, "I think it's...fifteen years now?" Rex said, "Yeah, because she had Myesha before we were married.." Rex told him.

"I hope you don't mind my asking, but, don't clones have excelerated aging?" The teen asked, "Yeah, but the Kaminoans had found a 'cure' for that. Now, i look the age i really am..probably." Rex stated. Darrin nodded. "You must be proud to have a daughter like Myesha." Darrin said, Rex, still a little unsure about the kid, asked, "Why?". "Well, she's strong, beautiful, indapendant, and she never gives up." Darrin said, a certain spark in his eyes that Rex knew all too well. 

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