Darkness Speaks

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What am I trying to say?

Well, there's so much, I could go on all day.

I don't always speak the truth, so here it's plain,

As a rare focus lights my tired brain.

I haven't been myself in so long.

Like a sun-deprived flower, I've grown up so wrong.

So I'd like to introduce my old self, hi, I'm Quixotic.

We'll put my new incarnation on the backburner, goodbye Chaotic.

I'm the serious behind the smile.

The Listener, here to stay a while.

I shake your hand, say, 'nice to meet you,

I'm not that idealistic one you have spoken to.

I am here, because she has no voice,

Only laughter, and fucked up choice.

She's the riddle, and I'm the answer.

Long dead, but she also happens to be a necromancer.

Not just of old, sleeping souls,

But of dreams and love, sung and untold.'

My Other has a way with the past,

But she's so stuck, she always comes last.

Well, you know what they say about nice guys

Who only see goodness in their starry eyes.

Me, I see the poison on your tongue.

You push us away, hoping you won't come undone.

'Don't think we haven't noticed.'

But listen to my candor, my guileless words.

Because they aren't always absorbed, but only heard.

We mean you no harm,

There are no knives strapped to our upper arm.

When she says those three words,

We mean it, no false accusations are ever hurled.

So hush that fiery beast,

To hurt you is what she wants the least.

Quiet those shadows in your head,

You know the ones, they want you dead.

Remember what we've both said;

'I love you'

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