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Days after days gone by, times after times ticked by. No more Jesse in my life, and it somehow felt weird. I was used to him shouting and showering me with unexpected affections. It's been a quiet and distracted couple of days without him. I felt rather happy, I guess. Thalia scolded me for my action, because she rather fancies the guy. But I was just glad I didn't have to think about whether he'd be okay with what I was wearing or whether he was going to drag me out of a public café like a sack of weed.

But no matter how quite content I was, I was slowly missing him. I couldn't bear the thought of deleting his number off my phone, partly because I was secretly hoping he would call me. But I guess I was just another girl. I gave him a week of my life, even though it was just basically me ignoring him while he tried, but it was still a week.

My trip with Enrico was in 2 days and I honestly can't wait any longer. I planned things earlier and booked a hotel as Rico mentioned.

Due to over excitement, I already pack my suitcase. I was practically ready.

I was getting a cab, to the famous Red Restaurant to finally met Thalia and her famous secret man. Dressed in a red plum dress to match the theme of the restaurant I paired it with red hot high heels. Thalia decided to wore the same outfit, except that she was wearing her hair up in a hot bun, while I pulled it up in a  clean pony tail. She said that her new lover is a businessman that was currently working in America for a year and his name is Charles Douglas. I couldn't wait to meet the man that caused most of our trouble.

The waiters finally showed me Thalia's table. She was whispering something to the famous man, while giggling at the same.

I cleared my throat to indicate my presence and she was taken a back and step away from the handsome man.

He stood up to greet me and I smile politely at him. He was not as tall as Jesse; in fact his height is not so tall from me either, only by a few inches.

" Miss Amelia I am guessing? I heard a lot about you."

" Please call me Amelia,' I replied. Thalia grinned at me; I stepped on her foot under the table, as we shared weird glances. Charles finally spoke up again,

" I'm inviting a close friend, if you guys don't mind-

Jack Harrold. Ever heard of him? ."

" The name sound familiar," I reply, still trying to shook my memory. I've heard of his name somewhere, but I couldn't pin point any familiarity to it.

"Oh! Here he is," Charles said in ecstasy.

I looked up and smile, as I watched the familiar delightful blonde man. He grinned at me as I stood up to greet him.

" Amelia," he sang as he open his arm for a warm welcome hug," it's been so long."

He engulfed me into the warmth of his hug; he did the same to Thalia and finally did the manly handshake with Charles. He sat next to me, opposite of the two couples and we began endless conversations.

After eating the main course, Jack and I stayed, as the two couple excuse themselves a little bit early. They had a party to attend, which I didn't question further, even though I was rather skeptical of Thalia's new man. He was so secretive about things that I didn't know what type of man he was. I just knew he was into Thalia. I wasn't even sure the party was true or was it a reason to take Thalia home for a night of 'making love', but I'll gave Thalia her night.

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