Sara, Ashley, Becki, Emmie, and Lilly were all at Starbucks sippin' on their latte's thinking of how tonight and tomorrow are going to go. They got tickets to go to One Direction concert and signing. 

"Can't belive we finally get to see them" chirped Ahsley. All the girls squealled loudly of happiness. They have been waiting for this for a life time. They were all so ecstatic, especially Sare just secretly. She has been one of thier biggest fans since she saw them on the X-Factor. She used to go to school with Harry, but she doesnt think he would remember her. She always thought he was cute, but now she thought she has fallen in love with him. She's was just glad she gets to see him in person and maybe he would remember her.

"OMG!! That was the most amazing concerts in the history of concerts!" screamed Emmie.

"All that's left is meeting them face to face" smiled Becki. The girls smiled back.

"So, we sleeping outside by the doors?" asked Lilly

"Of course!" Ashley said.

"Great!! So excited. I hope they touch my hand." imagined Becki.

"OOOOOO.......that would be breath taking. I might faint." Ashley said dramatically.

"What about you Sara? Are you excited?" asked Lilly

"Umm yeah!! I'm uber excited to see Harry after all these years." told Sara. She was getting goosebumbs just by thinking of him. 

"Well lets get settled." Ashley told the girls. She got the cd player, tent, laptop, and snacks and started unpacking the rest.

The night went by and at around 6 a.m. Sara heard a click and immediately shot out of her blanket and quietly unzipped the tent to see a mysterious figure poking their head out of the doors. She was a few girls listening to One Direction, but paid no attention to her or the shadow looking out the door. 'God there has to be over 1,000 girls here waiting for the doors to open.' Sara got up and thought since shes's awake she might as well see who that figure was. 

Just asshe got about 5ft from the door a person steps out and she dorps her mouth and just stares in disbelief.


So thats my first chapter EVER and I would like to know what you guys think. Comment what you think, I can take critizism or however you spell it. If you like just tell and I'll post the next chapter :)

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