Chapter 9

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The next day Y/N got out from bed with a smile plastered on her face.She sighed dreamily and walked towards her shower,she locked the door and took a towel from the shelf.She took of her pjs and walked in the shower.Once she turned the water on she started singing from the excitement she had.

Your the light,your the night

Your the colour of my blood

Your the cure,your the pain

Your the only thing I wanna touch

Never knew that it could mean so much,so much

While Y/N was bathing,Chat Noir appeared at her balcony to place another note explaining the time of the date.His ears perked up,as he heard a melody coming from your bedroom.He walked through your unlocked doors and started following the voice.

He went inside to be met with your bathroom door.He placed his ear on the door to hear clearer.Once he recognised the sound he blushed,knowing that that was your voice.He sighed dreamily,knowing that there's another thing amazing about you,to add on his list.(creep)

Fading in,fading out,on the edge of paradise

Every inch,of your skin,is a holy grail I've gotta find

He then heard the water stop and you getting out off the shower.He quickly ran outside and closed the doors and just in time,you got out.You hummed while brushing your wet hair, wearing clean pajamas. You sat on your desk and looked at yourself in the mirror. Sighing happily,you walked down stairs after getting peckish.

Chat then left a breath that he didn't know that he was holding out and jump away.He went to his room and detransformed.Plagg got out and smirked at Adrien.Adrien confused,stared at Plagg and raised an eye brow.

"What?"Adrien asked,a shiver going down his spine,feeling that something was wrong.

"Well,Adrien,I knew that you are more confident when you are Chat Noir,but I never knew that you would have so much confidence to see a girl shower."Plagg snickered making Adrien blush fifty shades of red.

"I-I did not and I will never look at a girl while they get cleaned.I was just curious of finding out whose voice was that!"Adrien exclaimed flustered .Plagg gave him the most deadpan face he could ever make.

"And to who would a voice singing in the shower of Y/N room belong to,dumb head?"Plagg stated and rolled his eyes.Adrien only huffed and went to his computer.He sat down and Plagg only laughed at the boys behaviour.

"Act like that again and no Camembert for a week."Adrien scoffed and once Plagg's tiny ears heard that he floated to Adrien's face and started begging for forgiveness.

"You would do anything for Camembert wouldn't you?"Adrien chuckled and gave him his Camembert.

"Of course I would"Plagg stated and swallowed the hole piece in one go.Adrien rolled hid eyes and sighed. Plagg sat on top of his head and said.

"Are you gonna ask her to be your girlfriend?"Plagg asked mocking him.Adrien smiled and looked out of his window.

"Yes I will-"Hia eyes widened once he realised.He did't get her anything.He face palmed."Plagg I didn't get her anything!I need to go to the flower and jewellery shop.Let's go,Plagg Claws Out!"He shouted and Plagg growled.

"Wait I didn't finish my other piece of camembert-"He was sucked into his ring and he transformed.Chat Noir jumped out of the window and headed towards the center of Paris.

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