Part 4~ G-Gamzee?! Start of the lemon

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~This is the furst lemon with Gamzee but it won't start until the next part. So if Gamzee screwing you is triggering (in a bad way) I advise you to skip the part after this.~

Karkat crossed his arms. "I thought he would be your matesprit since he cared about us being here."

"I can't really stand him... his raps are annoying, I don't understand his ironic shit, and he thinks hes cooler than anything and everything." Karkat patted my head as I yawned. "Just go to sleep." He went to the couch and I went to the back and found Gamzee snuggled in the blankets of my bed. "Aww." I whispered, stripped, and crawled into the bed with him. "Hey, sis." He whispered. I squeaked and jumped a bit not noticing the dark purple eyes staring at me when I first walked in. "Sorry sis, I didn't mean to scare you." He said with his purple eyes glowing in the dark. They looked tired and calm. I nuzzle him a bit and in the faint moon light of the window I could see a little purple blush on his cheeks. "Its fine Gam, just go back to sleep." I nuzzled him again making him blush more and I turned away from him. After awhile I felt something wet on my butt and arms wrap around my waist. "G-Gamzee?"

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