Chapter 10 | | That wasn't very Versace of you...

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"You know before you guys came to my house, Eddy visited me. He was very desperate because he did not know what to do with Lizzie."

"What ? why didn't you tell us yesterday ?", she asked surprised.

"Wait. The story isn't over yet. Today I had to go to my locker to get my essay and I saw him making out with some girl which was very familiar to me. "

"Can you describe her ?"

"Yes but nothing that would actually be helpful. Just one of these girls whose makeup weighs more than their clothes.", I replied, eating my yoghurt.

"That is still not everything. He told me that he is not the type of guy who has relationships and guess who was the one who talked him into thinking that. Our best friend Kim.", I added.

Pauls shrugged. "I don't get why you are so angry about that. It is not that much of a surprise. Eddy is in fact not someone who is considered to be the perfect guy for a relationship and the fact that Kim is tries to get his attention is nothing new either."

"I know.", I stated."But there is something that bothers me."

"Anyways, what about the party tomorrow ?", she asked me, totally ignoring my concern.

"Honestly, I do not think that Lizzie is dying to go on that party, especially because Eddy is the one throwing it.", Paula gave me an irritated look.

"You two are independent and strong women. Why are letting a boy dictate your actions ? Not that I support Eddy's stupidity but he is not wrong. Lizzie will get over it and she has to get over it because otherwise she will disappear in her own grief. You told me that you do not have any feelings for Noah, although I do not believe you, I do think that if that was really the case you would not have any problem with going to that party.", she snarled.

"I did not mean to snap at you but you need to stop hiding behind your pessimistic attitude. As Noah already said and I quote: 'Let a little loose, cupcake.' Due to the fact that you have nothing acceptable to wear for this party, you two will come over to my house before the party and make you look like goddesses.",

"But....", I tried to intervene but I was cut off by a voice of a little girl who was approaching me.

"Hello.", she waved at me. I could not recognize her face but the voice was more than familiar to me.

"Hello, Gracie. How are you ? What are you doing alone in the park.", I asked her, putting her on my lap. She was wearing a cute white dress with little lemons on it. Her dark blonde straight hair was put up in a ponytail and her blue eyes were shining brightly like an aquamarine.

"I'm not alone. Mommy is over there, talking to a weird old lady.", Paula and me chuckled at her remark.

"Who is this?", she pointed at Paula with her index finger.

"This is my best friend Paula and Paula this his Noah' little sister Gracie.", Paula waved at Gracie, causing her to smile widely.

"I did not know Noah had such a cute little sister. Apparently, good looks runs in their family.", Paula commented.


"Yes, Gracie", she tried to turn her head towards me.

"Is Noah your boyfriend?", I stiffened at her question and Paula smirked broadly.

"No, he is not.", I replied. "Why not?", she kept asking. "I don't know. Do you have a boyfriend?"

"Yes. I have two.", our eyes widened.

"Two? Why do you have two boyfriends?", Paula asked her astonished.

"In case one of them gets ill.", I looked at Paula and we started laughing really hard.

"Oh my God. It is like a miniature female version of Noah is talking to me.", Paula still couldn't manage to control her laughter.

"Seems like good looks aren't the only thing that runs in their family and...", I tried to continue but I was interrupted by a female voice.

"Gracie! I told you not to leave without my permission. You could have been hurt or anything.", Olivia yelled at her.

"I'm sorry, mommy. I saw Sofía sitting here and I wanted to talk to her.", she explained. Tears were forming in her eyes.

"It's okay, sweetie. Next time just tell me where you go okay.", Gracie nodded. "I'm so sorry, Sofía. Our babysitter cancelled and I could not find a replacement, especially because I have to work tonight.

"It is totally fine. What about if I babysat here tonight ? I do not have any plans anyway so I'd be free today.", her eyes widened and she sighed relieved.

"You would really do that ? I know kids are a lot of work, Gracie in particular is a very outgoing child."

"I'll be fine. I really like her and we get along with each other pretty well. What do you think, Gracie ? We could play with your barbies ?", her eyes grew wider as the word "barbie" left my mouth.

"Yeeees.", she waddled with her arms like a small penguin and hopped off of my lap.

"Come on, Gracie we have to go now. Say bye to Sofía", she waved at me. "Bye."

"You know that Noah will be there too since it's his house. I'm just saying.", Paula raised an eyebrow.

"I know and as you have already portrayed it so wonderfully, I do not have any feelings for him so why should I care ? I'll be playing with Gracie and Noah is doing whatever he's doing. I really could not care less.", I stated, receiving a doubting look from her.

"Whatever you say but that means you also have no reason not to go the party.", she grinned and I sighed. "Fine."

I think I should give it a try...


Julianne Hough as Marissa Monroe

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