Chapter 10 | | That wasn't very Versace of you...

"Eddy!", I yelled across the hallway, causing them to jump away from each other. I stamped in their direction.

I was furious. Beyond furious. He really can't be serious right now. Yesterday he begged me to help him to get Lizzie to like him and now he sucks the face of some chick. Are guys just stupid or extremely heartless ?

"Oh-uh Sofía..."

"Don't Sofía me you piece of an imbecile. Are you mentally disabled ? I said you should prove Lizzie that you like her, I did not say you should give her reason to make her avoid you more than she already does."

The girl stood there and smirked widely. I know her. I do not know where from but that face was very familiar to me....

"I'm sorry. I just do not think it will work out, you know. I'm not that type of guy who has relationships. I'm more for the casual things.", I just stared at him dumbfounded.

"Ok where is the camera ? Because being in a Reality TV show is the only thing that would hold me back from slapping you so hard right now.", I snapped at him.

The girls smirk grew wider. I decided to ignore it and turned by at back to Eddy.

"And what about Lizzie ? You like her. Please don't do something like that to her."

"I mean she handled the situation pretty well before which means she will definitely get over it."

My jaw dropped. It did not only drop, it fell down to the earth core.

"E-Excuse me ? Do you even listen to the bullshit that comes out of your mouth"

"I'm sorry, Sofía. Kim was right, she...."

"Wait. Kim was the one who told you that ?"

He nodded. "When did you talk to her ? Our conversation was yesterday. How did you two manage to meet within that little time frame?"

"I coincidentally met her after I drove home. She lives a few houses away from mine."

"Tell me, what did she tell you ?", I demanded. "Why were you even talking about this ?"

"What I've already told you. She said that I was the type of guy who does not have girlfriends and that I will only hurt the girls I would be in a relationship with because I wasn't able to be faithful.", he explained. "And we did not talk about Lizzie in particular. The conversation kind of evolved out of nowhere.", he added.

I cocked an eyebrow at his response. Seems like I have to accept that but there is something that does not seem right. I'm not surprised that Kim tries to trick Eddy into liking her and it is nothing new to me but there is something fishy about it and I will find out what it is.

I quickly opened my locker, got my essay and left as fast as possible.


Me and Paula sitting in a park which was close to our school. I come here whenever I have a free period because Paula and I share this free period so we decided to spend it together. I used to go with my dad to parks a lot. I used to sit on the swings with him and play in the sandbox. It just brings the good old memories back. My mom never told me why my dad left us and I never asked because I thought she'd have her reasons. I saw Paula entering the park and beckoned her over.

"I need to tell you something but promise me to not tell Lizzie, ok ?", I said, causing Paula to snap her head at me.


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