Before We Begin...

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Before we begin...

You don't need this book.

Put it down. Go to another web page. 

Do something great! Start something righteous!

You don't need any business book or self-help book to learn how to be successful or happy.

So, there you go.

I'm not selling you this book. You sold yourself. You picked up this book for a reason. This reason won't be clear to you until later, but eventually, it will be clear to you.

Maybe you wanted to see the cool cartoons (if they're not in the book yet, just wait a few more drafts). Maybe you needed a way to waste an afternoon.

I don't consider this an author - reader relationship. I'm not an author. I'm something else. 

You picked this book up for a reason, didn't you?

I'm not an author. This was something I did while I was doing things -- living my life.

There are secrets to success in this book. You might think they are the things I talk about when I'm not fighting vampires, describing sexual frustration, or whining about family problems. 

You're wrong. It's all these things. The devil is in the vampire-fighting details.

I won't stop you from going into an MBA program. But you're reading this book for a reason, right? 

Since I didn't sell you on this book, that must mean there is a salesman inside you somewhere. That person is the one who sold you on this book. That's the person we're going to try to find in these future chapters. 

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