Chapter Thirty-Six» Revelation

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She gave me this, the night before their accident. I could see her face, as clear as day. Her smiling face and the way her eyes seemed to light up, as Khalil walked inside the room. The way her long honey brown hair cascaded down her back, as though she was an angel sent from  the heavens.

Just like an angel, she too, had to return to heaven. Closing my eyes tightly, her once beautiful face now stared at me. All blōody and filled with bruises and cuts. The once soft smile plastering her features had now gone, as she remained lifeless in the coffin. Her face pale, with no evidence of life. The life she loved with all her heart.

" Why are you crying? You look terrible" A soft voice spoke, making me still. It was as though someone had punched me in the stomach, knocking all the air out of me. Glancing up, tears filled my vision, seeing a figure leaning against the wall. Smiling softly at me.

" Muskaan? " I whispered flabbergasted not believing my eyes, seeing the woman move  forward. Her light  blue dress flowing down her beautiful figure. A light blue scarf remained loosely on her head, as she kneeled beside me.

The bright moonlight twinkled down on her milky skin, as she glanced at me. Tears filling her beautiful eyes, making me lean forward. Wanting to hold her, wanting to embrace her.

" Am I dreaming? " I whispered out, seeing Muskaan chuckle lightly and shake her head. Suppressing the chocked sob ripping from her mouth. Leaning forward, she sat before me, on the dusty floor;  the moonlight remaining our ally in this dark night.

" What do you think?" She whispered, her hands clasping lightly against each other, as she smiled lightly at me. As if she was holding on to the image before her, afraid it would disappear away.

" Look at you, you're all grown up and you're having a baby" She whispered out, a radiant smiling filling her features as she glanced down at my lower abdomen. Staring at the now growing bump.

" Aazeen, I'm so proud of you, baby girl don't give up hope. Everything will be fine" she spoke slowly as she stood up. Making me want to reach forward, wanting to hold Muskaan.

" Wait, don't go. You can't leave me Muskaan, I'm scared" I whispered, tears running down my face seeing her turn around. A lone tear trailing down her face.

" I'm not leaving you Aazeen, I've never left. I'm always here" she whispered, pointing towards her heart as she smiled softly. Blowing me a kiss. Large tears welled up in my eyes, as they slowly ran down on to my cheeks. Seeing Muskaan look at me one more time.

" Everything's going to be alright Zee, but it's time to wake up now. You have a long life ahead of you" She spoke softly, as I stared at her standing figure. Seeing the moonlight shine against her face, making her Hazel eyes almost honey like.

Shaking her head, she smiled and just before darkness consumed me. I could hear Muskaan telling me to hold on, a little while longer, hope was coming.


I didn't  know how I woke up, or when I woke up. Yet the sudden screeching and crying of children, had me jolting up. Cold shivers running down my spine. Looking around the dark room, I could barely make out the small  figures of Abu-Bakr and Ali, as they cried loudly. Holding on to Shahida.

Like a bullet, I sprung upwards rushing towards Shahida, who remained rigged on the floor, warm substance flowing out of her mouth. Utter fear and helplessness crawled down my body, finding myself screaming loudly. Crying out for help.

" Haadi, Khalid" I screeched loudly, holding on to Shahida's shaking form, seeing a light travel towards us. The once wooden door that remained shut was now on the floor as Haadi rushed towards us, holding a lantern in his hand.

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