Chapter Thirty-Six» Revelation

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"... I promise, I won't be gone too long. Now chin up princess, can't have you crying" He whispered softly, chuckling at the end. Running his warm thumb across my lips, making me tense. Feeling my insides turning.

Staring down at the ground, I could feel tears sting my vision all of a sudden, like a little child being told off. Seeing him stare at me intensely, as if waiting for something.

" I don't want you to go" I whispered chocked up. Feeling his large arms envelope around my waist. Pulling me softly against his hard chest.

" I'm never going to leave you, Babes. I'll always be here" Ammar whispered. Placing his hand across my heart, making me glance upwards. Seeing a soft smile fill his features. A smile promising hundreds of years.

" And if you miss me too much, close your eyes and whisper my name. Just know I'll be waiting for your voice, on the other side "

It was as though someone had smacked me across the face, knocking the air within me. As I jolted upwards, feeling cold shivers run down my spine. Sweat forming on my forehead.

My once relaxing breathing now heaved, wanting to find solidarity in this dark night. Hearing his voice echoe across my ears loudly. Pulling the thin covers off me, I slowly sat upwards. Hissing in pain. Feeling my insides turn.

Utter helplines consumed me, as I gasped for air; seeing dark dots paint my vision. I could hear him, as loud as day.

It was as though his shadow was lingering on me. Watching over me, yet I knew he wasn't here. No matter how much I search for his face, he was hundreds of miles away from me.

And I, lost in the desert with no way home.

Leaning against the wall, warm tears stinged my vision. A choked sob daring to rip from my mouth. Seeing darkness fill the room, yet a small light shinning through the window.
Running a hand through my necklace, I could feel my fingers caress the wedding rings, slowly trailing towards the gold necklace.

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