Arranged Marriage (One Shot)

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Hey all....

This story I had written based on a request and this one doesn't have much of a story, just a journey of marriage to love and family.

This part is slightly Adult 16+


“In three days?” I reeled in shock. “Rishab’s Pabbo is very sick and she wants to see him married before something happens to her.” my father tells me in a gentle tone. “You liked him right, Madhu?” my mother asks me at the same time.  “I did.” I replied, seriously what was not to like? He was handsome, educated and well settled in life, and that he had a killer smile and dimples to go with it was brownie points. “Then what is the problem?” “That I will have to leave my house in 3 days is not a problem?” I just couldn't help keep my hands on my hips and ask in exasperation. . “Now, after marriage don’t talk like this to them. Always be in your best behavior. Leave your unruly side here.” Ma tells me worried. “Please have some faith in your upbringing, MA!” I tell her irritated; seriously she needs to cut it down. I am always my polite best to people outside my immediate family.  “Madhu, one day you’ll have to go away from here. This is a nice proposal, and the kundalis have also matched.” Papa tells me in his reasonable tone making me scowl at him. “Don’t think I don’t understand that the reason you are pushing for Rishab Kundra apart from all the obvious reasons is that the other proposal for me is from a guy in USA.” Then I added when he looked all guilty. “And please forgive me if I am worried about marrying a man in three days whom I just met this very morning and haven’t even said two words to.” “Rabba! Talk to him before marriage?” there goes my mother again! “We are not in 1913! The boat has left! We are in 2013, MAAA!” “Do you trust us?” having enough papa decided to play the referee. “Yes.” “Do you think we would do anything that would hurt you?” “No.” “Are you happy with this marriage?”  “Yes!” “Then we’ll proceed with this? I’ll tell them we are fine with marriage in 3 days?” What nonsense was he asking? “When did I say no to that? Can a girl not put forth her worries without being misunderstood?” saying that I just walked off in exasperation. I had enough!

I open my eyes to find an angel in front of me. “Masha Allah!” I sigh looking at my husband of less than 12 hours sleeping next to me. How could someone so handsome be my husband? In dread I turn to look at my hair on the pillow and sighs in disappoint seeing my unruly wild hair. In the words of the great Padmini Malik, Madhubala’s hair and her character were the same, unruly and wild! I look at my husband amazed, this morning he is supposed to be the single most important person in my life but four days ago I didn’t even know he existed in this world, and I haven’t talked to him yet. The only conversation or something close to that, we had were when he came to see me, his mother had asked my name and I had replied, Madhubala. Then last night, he had come to our bedroom for suhaag raat and asked me to change into something comfortable. After I had changed, he had suggested that we sleep and we went to sleep, pouring water all over my adolescent dreams of that romantic wedding night. But then if he wanted to do something would I have allowed him to do it? I couldn't help wonder frowning. I see him stretching and turning to my side, I sigh sadly, even in a sleepy mode he was so elegant and then he opens his eyes looking directly at me. Those chocolate brown eyes looking at me, the unruly Madhubala Malik no… no… Madhubala Kundra…. no… no… Madhubala Rishab Kundra. He smiles at me, “Good Morning, Madhu.” “Good morning.” “Why are you frowning?” “I was just thinking.” “Thinking? What?” he asks me acting as if nothing could be more interesting to him than my thoughts. “My name!” I replied before I had time to think. Damn it! I was supposed to play hard to get. My friends had told me that if we want our husband to dance to our tunes then we should be a mystery to them. “Name? What is there to frown about?” he asks me, his smile going all the more wider. “I was thinking what my name is going to be now.” I tell him, rather the truth than fumble in a lie. That was my problem, every time I lie people tend to catch me quickly, so I tend to stick to the truth making my mother quack in fear that I’m outspoken.  I had decided that outspoken is better than being tagged stupid and a liar. “Aaah! What are the choices?” he asks me smiling happily as he kept his palm under his cheek giving me his undivided attention. “Madhubala Malik Kundra, Madhubala Kundra, Madhubala Rishab Kundra.” “Hmmm… all sounds good. What did you like?” “Madhubala Rishab Kundra.” He smiles approvingly, “Even I liked that the best. Why take my surname if you are not going to add my name?” then he touched me! He touched me on my cheek with a finger. Then without thinking I touched him, I kept my finger on his perfect dimple. He starts chuckling loudly. Realizing what I did I quickly take my hands off scandalized and then he held my hand and took it back to his face and kept my full hand, palm down on his cheeks. We remained silent for a while as we got lost in each other’s eyes or rather I got lost in his eyes while he was wondering what he did to end up with me. “Did you sleep nicely?” “Yes. You?” I ask back. He grins, “I slept nicely as I have been sleeping here for years now.” I frown at him, I was being nice and he was teasing me. “You’ll tell me if you have any problems here right?” “Yes.” I replied and smartly kept my mouth shut by not asking him to do the same. He grins giving me that feeling that he knew I was about to ask him that. “Why did you marry me?” He frowns I have never felt more stupid in my life. I closed my eyes and mentally screamed at myself think before you open your mouth. He was silent and didn’t reply, I opened my eyes to see if he was still here. He was and looked like he was waiting for me to open my eyes, then he said“Because I liked you.” He was saying that as if it should have been obvious to me! Of all the people, ME! “You liked me?” “No, I like you!” “Why?” I asked unable to hide my shock and wonder. In reply he burst out laughing. “I have never seen anyone so refreshing as you.” “Is that a compliment?” I ask confused because, if we haven’t established this fact yet, then here it is, I am dumb! “Of the highest degree.” He says still laughing. Then I waited for him to ask me why I married him. I waited and waited, he didn’t ask me. Finally I lost patience and asked him “Don’t you wonder why I married you?” “No.” he replied. I scowled at him as I had decided to take that as an insult. “After the way you have been staring and ogling at me ever since you set your eyes on me, I do have some ideas.” he clarifies cheekily and I went and did something I have never done in my entire life. I blushed!

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