Chapter 7- Missing

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Kate's POV

It was Monday, and no one had come forward. This wasn't a fluke, whoever is pregnant manipulated the test somehow. They knew I didn't actually know, so they didn't fear about me telling everyone. I have no clue what to do now. Everyone's expecting me to say who's pregnant today, but I don't know. Do I tell them I lied and all the tests were negative? Do I tell them nothing and wait till one of the girls starts gaining weight? I was pulled from my thoughts when I heard a frantic knock at my office door. I turned my attention to Emily, motioning for her to come in. "Emily, what's wrong?" I asked, noticing her panic.
"Miss Kate I can't find Riley! She wasn't there when I woke up, and she wasn't home Saturday night either! I know the test doesn't belong to her because she's never had sex, so I don't see why she would run away. And she hasn't taken anything and there's no note or anything. What if something bad happened to her?" She rambled, starting panicked and ending sobbing.
"Emily calm down a little, we will find her. She's probably with a friend and forgot to tell you." I told her softly.
"I know that's the most likely scenario, but I can't help but think something bad happened to her. What if she's dead?! I can't imagine living without her." Emily cried. I stood up, walking around my desk to give her a hug.
"She's fine Emily, calm down, we'll find her." I said, rubbing her back. It was then my phone rang. I pulled away from Emily, lifting the phone. "Hello?" I inquired.
"Oh Kate! I thought I should give you a heads up." I heard Debra's voice say through the phone. She sounded like she'd been crying. "James has been missing for a week! The police informed me they're coming to the studio. I thought you should know." She cried, much like Emily had.
"Okay, I'll let the kids know. Don't worry, we'll find him." I felt like I was repeating myself. Hadn't I just said this to Emily?
"I know I know. I have to go now though, bye." Debra said before the line went dead. I sighed, turning back to Emily.
"James is missing too." I sighed. Our Nationals duet is missing! What is going on?
"Kate Kate!" Phoebe exclaimed, running into my office. What now? "There are police looking for you! They're in the hall!"
"It's alright Phoebe, I know. 2 kids are missing." I told her, and she calmed down slightly. She had probably been worried we were getting arrested for no reason. She's always been weird.
"Missing? Could they be the pregnant couple?" She questioned, curiosity filling her. I shook my head.
"No. It's Riley and James." I said. Her brows furrowed. Everyone knew about their messy breakup, it wasn't exactly hard to miss. "It must just be a coincidence they're gone." I explained. Another knock on my door turned my head to see Stephanie. This is getting a bit ridiculous.
"Miss Kate, I have to talk to you." She said.
"Can it wait?" I asked politely, but sternly at the same time. Steph shook her head. "Okay then." I crossed my arms, looking at her.
"Alone." She spoke quietly. I nodded, glancing at Emily and Phoebe. They both left, Phoebe soothing Emily as they walked to find the police that I was still making wait.
"What's up?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows.
"It's me. I-It's my test." She told me quietly. "But I got an abortion, I just really don't want anyone to know." She said. Something about everything that just happened didn't feel right, but I nodded anyway.
"Your secrets safe with me." I stated, and she smiled slightly.

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